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Sunday, January 10, 2010

BEST Made-Up Family Word EVER (nablopomo day#10)

Okay, so we had a discussion on Our Shiputzim on the word "fadicha," which is Israeli slang meaning approximately a 'mess-up,' or 'awkward or embarrassing moment,' or a 'lousy complication,' etc.

So some years ago, around 2005, when I heard my sons using this word, I thought it was funny, and decided to be a cool Savta and use it. Only when the time came to use it, I had forgotten it. What I remembered was a parallel universe's approximation of it: "fachula."

AFTER my kids picked themselves up off the floor laughing ("ROTFLOL" just doesn't cut it here), I used it again just for laughs (my kids' laughter makes me happy), and it stuck--and became a Family Joke.

So now, everyone knows that a fachula is a fadicha in Afula.

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Mrs. S. said...

Great story, and thanks for the link!

BTW, I think a better slang word for "mess-up" is fashlah...

Lady-Light said...

Mrs. S.: You're welcome. Never heard that one; have to ask my son about it...messaging with him right now as I am writing this!

Ok, just got it straight from the horse's mouth: they're about the same! (no, I'm not calling my son a 'horse.')

Lady-Light said...

Mrs. S.: (-And anyone else who is interested) Here is the meaning straight from Morfix:

Fashlah - (slang) flop, screw-up, foul-up, embarrassing failure

Fadicha - (slang) embarrassing failure, faux pas, blunder, stupid or careless mistake

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