BEST* and Biggest: Israel Wins Humous World Record

Now here's a good way for Israelis and Arabs to compete and have good, clean tasty fun in the process: The BIGGEST HUMOUS contest. The town of Abu Ghosh just outside of Jerusalem which we passed through daily when driving to visit our sons where they used to live, just won the Guiness Book of World Records contest and beat out Lebanon for the largest serving of humous ever.

(Maybe the path to peace is through the. . . stomach?)

(Benji must be in seventh heaven.)

(*nablopomo day#9)


Benji Lovitt said…
I can't believe I had an invite to the event and missed it. I hope they break our record so I have a second chance.
Lady-Light said…
Benji, you missed it? what kind of choomoos lover are you, anyway?
(I don't care if you missed it, they better not break our record!)
Batya said…
Chumus spoils so quickly, the thought of how long this stuff will sit around makes me ill.
I can't promote the popularity of Jews going to traif restaurants. Sorry
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Well, it looks like people were eating it...guess we'll never find out if someone became ill from it.
I believe in 'live and let live,' and in we setting the example. I am just writing about the contest, where it took place, and the good will that could come from it. If some Jews want to eat there, that's their decision (even though I wouldn't).

I can only show them by positive example what it means to be a Jew who follows halacha, but I will not force them to do the same. That has to come from their heart, and it has to be their own decision.

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