Baby Born in Israeli Field Hospital is named "Israel"

This has been all over the news: Israeli doctor delivered a healthy baby to a Haitian woman in the Israeli field hospital which was the first to be set up in Port-au-Prince. In gratitude to the Israeli doctor, the woman named her child "Israel."

I wonder how many know about Israel's humanitarian missions sent to other disaster areas? Often the rescuers have to disguise their Jewishness or the fact that they are from Israel, because of the prevalence of antisemitism in those areas, including the possibility that they would be denied access to help.


Mystery Woman said…
So nice to hear that!
It doesn't matter as much how many people know about Israel's humanitarian missions, when the recipients themselves are so appreciative.
Lady-Light said…
Mystery Woman: Yes, it's heartwarming to hear that; but I think it does matter that the world know about the good Israel does (on a regular basis).

Israel is vilified by much of the world, who refuses to see the exceptional intelligence and knowledge of the Jews which is used for the good of mankind. In fact, antisemitism is bascially Jew envy (-a subject of a previous, and probably also a future post.)

If you haven't already, read George Gilder's book "The Israel Test."
Shoshana Z. said…
I would like to see someone get this information to the Christian Science Monitor. They are vehement critics of Israel and it would be very important for them to recognize this in some way.
Lady-Light said…
Shoshana: Welcome! Please feel free to send the Christian Science Monitor a comment with a link to my post (not that they'll publish it).

I just sent off a comment to NPR Morning Edition correcting a report they had on the long delays and disorganization in setting up field hospitals in Haiti. They (no lovers of Israel themselves) didn't once mention Israel's 48-hr. setup of their field hospital complete with electronic medical record and imaging capabilities, and a neonatal ICU (!).

I doubt that NPR will read my comment on the air, however. But I needed to send it nevertheless.

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