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Monday, December 21, 2009

Some Chanukah Photos to Share

The last day of Chanukah was this past Shabbat. I have a lot of trouble transitioning from a chag* to a regular week; I never want to let go of the holiday: it is my connection with ha-olam ha-ruchani*, and I keep wanting to hang on. . .so it was just today that I uploaded my Chanukah pictures and am posting some of them here (and will share them on Me-ander, too).

This year, unlike last year, I took plenty of pics, as we had a full chag (Baruch Hashem), including a friend's annual open-house, a Chabad family dinner and a party of our own on the 6th night, complete with home-made latkes, or levivot* in Hebrew (a joint venture) and home-made sufganiyot* (the Head Chef did it all by himself). It all culminated with a shared family-and-friends-Shabbat-dinner on the last night of Chanukah, at our home. Here are some of the highlights:

The two photos above are of our card table which annually morphs into a chanukiya table.

Our dining room table transformed into a Chanukah Party Table, presto, chango!

Just before lighting Shabbat candles (you can see the chanukiyot lit in the background) I snapped a pic of our Shabbat table set for our last-night Shabbat-Chanukah get-together, with one of my pull-apart challahs on the challah board.

. . .And, acharon, acharon chaviv*--for a special Chanukah treat, here is a video showing just a portion of our friends' children's "Chanukah Choir" (-because I didn't think of videotaping it until towards the end-silly me) which they created for our party, singing Hanerot Halalu*, Chabad style (kids, you are now famous!)


So how to exit gracefully from Chanukah? Why, look forward to our next upcoming holiday, Tu b'Shvat*!

But I've got one even better--our older son, Mister Arnold Mayergi and his lovely wife Hardally are (b'ezrat Hashem) actually coming to visit for the holiday of. . . Pesach*!! And guess what they're gonna get a couple of days before that holiday begins? You got it--leftover spinach latkes that we are freezing, because we made so many. Now, that's the way to hang on to a holiday, eh?!

*chag: holiday (Hebrew)
*ha-olam ha-ruchani: the spiritual world
*latkes: potato pancakes (Yiddish)
*levivot: potato pancakes (Hebrew)
*sufganiyot: jelly doughnuts, very popular in Israel during Chanukah
*acharon, acharon haviv: Hebrew for "last but not least." Literally means, "(the) last, (the) last (is most) loved."
*Hanerot Halalu: a prayer we say right after lighting the candles, explaining why we light them and thanking G-d for his miracles.
*Tu b'Shvat: the 15th of the Hebrew month of Shvat, commemorating the flowering of the trees, a harbinger for spring.
*Pesach: the holiday of Passover

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Batya said...

How lovely, thanks. Great news about Pesach!!

Lady-Light said...

Batya: thanks; yes, great news, but wait 'til he hears he's gonna be eating those frozen levivot from four months ago, heheh...

Leora said...

See JPIX with one of your pics and enjoy.

Lady-Light said...

Leora: Thanks, posted a comment on your blog.

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