While the Monkeys Swing from the Trees, the Civilized Learn and Discover. . .

While the Palestinians and other Muslims are rioting, burning cars, boycotting Israeli products, beheading infidels, beating women, stabbing guards, blowing themselves up in the midst of civilians and murdering soldiers on Army bases,

A United States and Israeli team (should I assume Christians and, yes-- J-E-W-S ?) are studying supernova and discovering exploding stars.

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DYS said…

I am rather appalled by this post. As someone who reads your blog from time to time & agrees with you on many things, and respects your opinions even when I don't agree, I hope you will consider my suggestion that you remove this post, which can only be seen as out and out racism.

Shabbat Shalom
Lady-Light said…
DYS: First of all, thank you for your kind words; I appreciate them.

What I wrote about in this post, is the difference between a barbaric culture and a civilized one.

Racism is a term that has been bandied about and applied to everything without regard to its true meaning. It has nothing to do with this, or any other of my posts.

I never have been nor am not now a "racist." I judge people--individuals and groups--not by their skin color, ethnic background, or religious beliefs, but rather by what they do: by their actions.

That is how I am judging the Muslims and their culture. Of course there are 'good' individuals; but most of what they have 'contributed' to bettering mankind's brief sojourn on this Earth, is death and destruction. I believe their culture plays a big part in this.

Contrast that with Jewish 'culture,' that of the Torah, emphasizing chesed (for those who don't know what this is: loving-kindness) and education.

The Jews' contributions (and Christians, but very, very few Muslims by comparison)to the betterment of human beings, are legion.

I don't know how else to say it.
dear lady light...thank you so much for finding me and reading my blog...i will come visit yours too...i am still exhausted but oh so happy after my babysitting week...i understand what you feel about being so far away from your baby...come visit...i'd love to meet you...when my babies were small i hated being so far away from my family in canada...my Mother A'H called them her papirineh kinder...her paper children (photos)...shabbat shalom
You shouldn't have posted the picture of a monkey. Muslims are people. They do what they do as people. It just shows that it's human to murder and destroy.
Lady-Light said…
Marallyn: Thank you for visiting; would love to meet you, too (but first, we have to figure out how to get there!)

Noph: I have to say, that pic is starting to scare me, too. You are right. Muslims are people; that is what is so appalling about their actions, as a group. What has happened to their humanity as a whole? Something has to change; think I'm going to post right away so I don't have to keep seeing that monkey when I open my blog.
Btw, thank you for the kind way you critized my post; it is appreciated...
I only criticized it because FBI or CIA are probably watching me to see if I am promoting hatred on the internet or go to extremist sites or download nuclear secrets. I bet they classify your site as extremist.

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