My Kid's on Israel Channel Two News!

Okay, I searched and searched, and with my old eyes it went right past me. I knew my daughter, the one in the IDF, was going to be commanding new Golani recruits, and as they were filmed and a clip shown on Arutz Shtayim (channel 2) news which I embedded on this blog, I looked for her, in case she was on camera. Couldn't find her. Then, she called last night (this morning early, her time), and said she saw herself on TV!

While still on the phone, my husband and I found her on the news site on my blog, and took screen shots as she walked across the screen. Here she is (her 3 seconds of fame. . . )!

(If you are reading this today, you might still be able to see her in motion: watch the Channel Two News site to the right, it's in today's news.)


Batya said…
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Is that amazing, or what?! What would I do without technology!
Rivster said…
How fun to see her on TV!!!
Lady-Light said…
Rivster: It was a thrill, to say the least. She was just here for a visit (in August), but I miss her so much...

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