Murder at Ft. Hood: a Coward Strikes

A major who was a psychiatrist in the United States Army who treated soldiers with PTSD, went on a rampage today and gunned down now 13 people, injuring 31 or so more, at Ft. Hood, Texas. He was about to be deployed to Afghanistan.

Everyone is trying to figure out what his motives were for doing this horrific deed. The pundits are attributing possible political motives to his actions, as he had made statements that Muslims in Iraq should 'rise up against the Americans' and he spoke about 'suicide bombings' as an effective way to kill soldiers. Oh, by the way--his name is Major Malik Nadal Hassan, a Virginia-born Muslim who chose "Palestinian" as his nationality. (Did you expect anything different?)

He signed up for medical school, joining the Army after high school and completing college. The Army paid for all of it--at least six years. He worked at Walter Reed (and got a poor work evaluation, to boot)--but now it was Army-payback time; he was about to be deployed, and was petrified.

How about this for a theory as to his motives: let's try Occam's razor: the simplest explanation is usually the right one. Major Malik Nadal Hassan used the army to breeze through college and medical school on their paycheck, and now that he was about to go into a war zone to give back to the Army, he backed out, as cowards do, rather than risk his life like the soldier he was supposed to be, he ran around murdering twelve thirteen people and wounding thirty-one others.

It's something like the Jihadists running around shooting babies in the head, blowing up buses filled with women and children, or--how about hiding weapons-smuggling tunnel-entrances and rocket launchers under the bathroom sinks of civilian families?--you know, the way they did in Gaza, as were discovered during Operation Cast Lead.

All Major Hassan wanted--was a free ride from the Army. He knew very well what he was heading towards. After all, he himself counseled soldiers who returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, and dealt with their Post Traumatic Stresses. Anything was better than that. . .

Hey, didja notice that 99% of these cowardly atrocities are perpetrated by--you got it--let's hear it for those brave Muslims!


Batya said…
There's no way we can figure out the logic, so don't try. It also shows that the American screening can't comprehend the Arab mindset.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: ועוד איך . Shabbat Shalom.
Leora said…
Congrats on having your piece in the Bloggers' Base. Looks "professional."

Some Americans do get it. Unfortunately, they are not the ones in charge in the White House or in the media.

Such an atrocity.

Shabbat Shalom.
Lady-Light said…
Leora: Thank you, but I don't think I am due 'congrats,' as anybody can publish in Bloggersbase, I think.
I agree: "Some Americans do get it." Except I don't hear too many public denouncements of anyone but Israel. Why is that?

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