Happy Thanksgiving!

I have written previously about my feelings on Thanksgiving, and am linking my post from 2007 on the subject, here. This year, we are going to friends on Thanksgiving Day, and on Friday night-as per our years-long tradition-we are having another Thanksgiving/Shabbat dinner, this year at another friend, our regular 'Thanksgiving buddy' with whom we started this minhag, many snows ago.

But being that I still wanted to share a post related to the holiday, and seeing that I received this interesting holiday wish by email (from my now-famous "sister-in-law's sister-in-law"), I decided to pass it on to you, my loyal readers. (No animals were harmed in the making of this picture).

May your stuffing be tasty.

May your turkey be plump.

May your potatoes 'n gravy have nary a lump.

May your yams be delicious.

May your pies take the prize.

May your Thanksgiving dinner stay off of your thighs.


(as always, thank you so much for your readership and support!)

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Anonymous said…

Gobble, Gobble.

Gobble, Gobble Gobble.

AWWK ... glug, glug, glug

Norma said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Lady-Light said…
Anon: Yes.
Norma: Nice to see you; you haven't visited in a while. May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.

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