Haimishe. . . Gasoline?

Okay. This has got to 'take the cake.' Thanks to my illustrious, industrious sister-in-law's sister-in-law (thanks, A.!) in sunny Flawriduh, you are privileged to view this video news report (as seen on WeJew) about Kosher Gasoline, er--Gefilte Fish with Gas (as in, "I'll have some gas with that fish, please).

What's really cute, is people in the know can see immediately that the "reporter" (yeah, right) hasn't a clue of what she is reporting about. Unfortunately, the interview-ees don't seem to, either.
But, hey--just geeve ah keek, and enjoy.

(let's hear it for Borough Park!)


N said…
onnly in America LOL
gasoline said…
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Lady-Light said…
N: Nope. Actually, in Israel, too: best schwarma place is a Hareidi joint at the North Jerusalem exit gas station leading onto Highway 1.

(now, for my next spammer-er-commenter, did I give 'valuable information about. gasoline??')

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