Five and Counting (ken yirbu)!

Well (I was taught never to begin a sentence with 'well'), big brother (all 1 year of him) --my new grandson's baby sister has a name, henceforth, in the interest of anonymity to be referred to as Googles and Tiddly, respectively. Her father, Nathaniel Bloomenstein managed to get to shul on Shabbat and get an aliyah to name her.

Everyone (Mister Arnold Mayergi and his lovely wife Hardally, Nathaniel's sister Rambo, and of course, his wife Noodles and their two kids Googles and Tiddly) were together for Friday night seudat Shabbat. I know that Toodles, who left Israel in July, misses them terribly and really wanted to be there, but like us, she couldn't, for financial reasons. But I also know that she is thrilled at their choice of the baby's name, Tiddly, which is very close to Toodles' own--can't you tell? ( -Just spoke to Nathaniel B. on the phone-he was in bed already-and he said his sister Toodles' name had nothing to do with it!)

He (Tiddly's abba) said they liked the name, and she just looked like it! Here is a first-foto, taken when she was 2 days old. I think she looks like a Tiddly, too. And here, to contrast, is a photo of her big brother, who also looks like a Googles.

One thing about them really shows that they are
brother and sister: the hair. They both have a lot 0f it, although Tiddly could use a little gel. . .

And, although I don't have a baby pic of their Eema, Noodles--I do have one, albeit not too clear, of their Abba:

Actually, the beauty in the family is Noodles, who everyone says looks something like this:

But Nathaniel B. isn't so bad-looking himself, if I do say so (not being prejudiced, of course). He and his brother, Mister Arnold, could be male models if they wanted to (which would probably solve all their financial troubles, if you ask me), as well as Noodles could (female model, that is).
Instead, they want to do something substantial and worthwhile with their lives, such as advancing in high technology and defending their country. Sigh.

Ok, time for the family montage, old and new, in no particular order--you figure out who everybody is--I'm not telling.


Batya said…
Beautiful family. You should schep nachas. I raise my glass (vodka) to victory of light over darkness and shades of gray.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Thank you! Thank you! (you always support me, thank you for being a wonderful virtual friend...)
Noph: Thank you so much. There's nothing like Yiddish, eh? (-what compares to "schep naches?")
Amen to the victory of Light over darkness (especially when you see my next video composite of Obama. Scary)
Vodka, eh? We bought a gooey cake for two with white and pink frosting all over it (which I shouldn't have had), in honor of the new baby.
(p.s.-this is random- Noph, why do you have such a scary name?)

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