Bye Bye, Dubai

Dubai, the Persian Gulf emirate which grew into a fantastical, magical world with the tallest planned skyscraper in the world and palm tree-shaped islands, might be going bye bye. Dubai World cannot pay pack its loans and is asking for a 6-month moratorium on repaying its $60 billion debt, which is sending the international financial world reeling. (Hat tips to Rafi, and Yeranen Yaakov).

Now what if they had, with all that investment money, helped out their own brethren, say, the so-called Palestinians, in building an infrastructure of a new "Palestinian" state? Wouldn't that have shown the world that the Arabs do care for their own people, and are working towards building a better future for themselves?

Instead, they built a Middle Eastern fantasy land. And now the bubble has burst. Good thing Israel didn't BUY much into Dubai. . .

(But boy, do I love those hotel interiors!)

Oh, and let's not forget about the sheik's silver Audi A8. That is, it's not silver color: it's made out of silver.

(Now, if they would only make that in a mini-van. . . )

I couldn't resist--let's not forget the Dubai, um, ski slope:

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