What a Wonderful Way. . .

. . . To do Shabbat: My kosherkook husband is in the kitchen, putting together a vegetarian cholent and chicken with Zatar, while I am at the computer, blogging. (I just read on someone's blog, "A woman's place is in the kitchen, tellling her husband how she likes her steak!")

After feeling that 'missing my children' feeling the day before yesterday, I spoke, in one manner or the other, with all five of them yesterday, and I feel better. We also bought ourselves a new, teeny-tiny crockpot, into which my husband is throwing various and sundry ingredients: cut-up white and sweet potatos, onions (which he sauteed first), three kinds of beans, lentils, garlic, and after cooking on high for an hour, he will add whole oats, barley, salt and pepper.

As far as the kids go, yesterday I Instant Messaged with my soldier-daughter who was home (she now lives with her brother and sister-in-law outside of Tel-Aviv) for Shabbat. We had a nice video conversation, and I could reassure myself that she looks great and is well (Baruch Hashem).

My older son called just before he was going to sleep (it was about 10 p.m. Israel time). My younger son called much later, while waiting for his ride to work as a security guard--it was the next morning already--and I spoke by Instant Message to my eldest, in the States, and my middlest daughter who is in New York City for the weekend. That just about covers it. It's rare that I get in touch with all of them in one day; I'm feeling better now!

As far as Shabbat goes, the smells of onion and garlic are wafting up the stairs from the kitchen where my husband is working away. It is amazing, how the scents of certain foods are so tied in with the specialness of Shabbat.

Truth is, we are really feeling empty-nested now, because that teeny-tiny crockpot we bought looks so puny and strange (it's cute, though). We have been overcooking forever in our 4-Qt. crockpot, and nobody, but nobody likes to eat leftover cholent! So we finally broke down and bought an inexpensive small one (the key word here is 'inexpensive' because we are still gainfully UNemployed). But there is a kind of sad quality about it, because it looks, well, lonely. . . it reeks of "No Kids Left Behind (at Home.)"

Have to go--husband needs me! Shabbat Shalom.


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