Preparations on the Eve of 5770

No time to blog, for days now; doing a little work here and there, and somehow have been busy, busy, busy. With the chagim* coming, the tension and excitement are mounting. I have just seen our friends out the door. My friend came earlier to cook in our kitchen, as we are jointly cooking with a third couple (who are a little homebound), and going to their house for the first seudah* of Rosh Hashana* which starts Friday at sundown.

I baked six (6) round challot*, whole-wheat, two with raisins. The custom for Rosh Hashana is to use round challot as opposed to braided, as 'round' is a symbol of the circle of life, and on Rosh Hashana we review our deeds from the past year, atoning for our sins, and ask for forgiveness. It is also, according to Jewish tradition, the day of the creation of Adam ha-rishon, the first man. We believe that G-d judges us on this day, which is why one of the names (Hebrew) of this auspicious day, is Yom ha-Din, or 'Day of Judgement.' The name of the holiday in the Torah, is "Yom Teru'ah," or The Day of the Blowing of the Shofar, which alerts the people to review their ways, and if need be, repent.

My husband was cooking for hours earlier, and tomorrow we both will be, but this year the burden is divided by three because of the other two families: my friend baked two potato kugels* and one carrot kugel tonight, and tomorrow she is returning in the a.m. to work on honey cakes, and I don't even remember what else, I'm so tired.

My husband made the fish (trout) for the first course, as well as for the "Ye'he ratzon*" custom we follow, where we use various foods with double-entendre names which 'sound like' words we use to ask G-d to protect us from our enemies (I'm trying to be politically correct here), and to give us the blessing to be 'fruitful and multiply.'

But you can read the whole thing for yourselves, at his blog, The Kosher Kook (, because I'm tired--it's after midnight, and I have to be up early to continue preparing for the chag.

So at this point I wish all my readers (all 3.5 of you) a blessing for a good, healthy, productive and happy New Year: may you all be written and sealed in the book of life, or as we say in Hebrew, "ktivah ve-chatimah tovah."

*chagim: holidays
*seudah: festive meal
*Rosh Hashana: literally, the 'head of the year,' or the Jewish New Year
*challot: plural of 'challah,' the braided loaf traditionally used on Sabbaths and holidays; only this time it's round.
*kugel: Jewish casserole
*Yehe ratzon: lit., "may it be Your will (oh Lord)..."


muse said…
There's nothing like friends. Last year no kids came for the chag, so we were invited out for 3/4 meals. This year, B"H, the kids.
Lovely post for pre-lunch break.
Shana Tova
Lady-Light said…
muse: Thank you for commenting! It warms my heart to go to my blog and see a comment waiting there for me (I get so very few...).

No kids by us, either...all away...but we are getting together with friends, as I wrote, same as you did: 3 out of 4 meals.

Tonight, 3 couples are jointly cooking and we will be at their house, motzai Shabbat, 2nd night, we will be next door at our neighbors/friends' townhome, and 2nd day lunch, again with the 3-families at their home.

My son-in Yerushalayim-just called (much earlier) to wish us a ktivah ve-chatimah tovah.
I miss them so much. . .
Karen...the hostess with the mostess said…
Lady....your meal sounds yummy...I am so far behind in cooking...keep avoiding the kitchen which is not normal for me....see I'm here instead of in the kitchen....wanted to wish you and DH and the kids a happy and healthy year with only good news...
will you come for a meal during Sukkot? My newly married couple will be here for the 2nd half. After yom tov, send me an email...we will chat....
Lady-Light said…
Hostess: Woohoo!! In our matzav, I just LOVE being invited out.
Wishing you the same, ktivah ve-chatimah tovah to you and your wonderful family-thank you for your wishes(-uh, who is "DH?").
I will tell Hubby about your invite. Bli neder, will email after Yom Tov.
Chag Sameach!
Lady, wishing you a chatima tova, and also NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM and all years thereafter. Wish I could invite you... Heck, after reading your DH's blog, I wish I could COME to you. LOL I should comment his blog about OUR simanim. I'll go do that now.
Lady-Light said…
Ye'he: I just saw your comment!
We actually cooked a lot less this year, because it was divided among three (3) families. It worked very nicely.
And, I was very moved by the Rosh Hashana liturgy, especially the haftarah from Yirmiyah. Must post about it.
Btw, you are invited to us any time(ya gotta pay yer own airfare, though!)

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