HH #235 (so they say)

Just a note to say that Haveil Havalim (henceforth known as "HH") #235, the "Slow Fast Edition" (you did know today was a fast day...and it passed r-e-a-l s-l-o-w. . .) is up at Batya's Me-Ander, right here.
Read the linked blog posts. And read about the JBlogger's convention: unlike your truly, Batya was (drum roll, please) actually there! So she has the scoop.

And here, totally random, are two of my whole wheat, round, honey-raisin challot which I baked for Yom Tov. They were (and still are) really yummy, baruch Hashem.

Gmar chatimah tovah* to all my Jewish readers...

*gmar chatimah tovah: may you be sealed (in the Book of Life) for Good.


muse said…
thanks for the mention
yummy looking challot
Lady-Light said…
muse: Boker tov. Mmmmmm....

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