The 2nd Annual Jewish Bloggers Convention

I am having a great time just participating in the chat room, virtually 'meeting' other bloggers by watching the live webcast and chatting with other bloggers. I am seeing bloggers whose blogs I read, and I wish there were some way we could have video set-ups for each chat-room member so if we choose, we could see and be seen (anonymity, be gone!).

Right now, different bloggers are being introduced, while the general hevre went to have dinner (I ran to get my oatmeal breakfast & more coffee)!

Benji Lovitt of What War Zone is about to to a stand-up; they are all coming back from dinner now...
Benji is funny, no question about it. Stand up comedy is serious business, and it is TOUGH.

Will try to update this as it is happening (Jameel, thanks for setting a precedent!); it is 8:03 p.m. Israel time, and Benji is into his act: talking about the funnyness (is that a word?) of the Hebrew language for olim chadashim...

Ron Dermer speaking now--discussing the changing paradigm of information distribution-- and how to improve Israel PR--excellent.

He is now talking about not waiting for the government (Israeli or otheriwise) to initiate change; we, as bloggers, need to 'get the message out' to everyone, and not merely 'preach to the choir.'

We need to tell the truth about Israel, and distribute it to great numbers of contacts; we need to take an active role in improving Israeli PR...

Allison Kaplan Sommer of Pajamas Media is the moderator for the next topic: "Employing Social Media for a Successful Aliyah."

Now talking about 'Uniting the Jewish World with Social Media. . . ' the speaker is Marc Rosenberg of Nefesh b'Nefesh, which is sponsoring the Convention.

I just asked a virtual question, how can we (specifically, ME and my hubby) find jobs in Israel--and they addressed it live, YAY!

Ok, the convention just ended. You can probably see it online in a couple of days, by going to the Nefesh b'Nefesh website (see link above).

le-hitra'ot (see ya later). . . !


Benji Lovitt said…
Hope you enjoyed it!

Lady-Light said…
Benji: Hey, be nice--I linked you! (Yes, I did!)
muse said…
I'm too much an f2f to imagine being on the computer when sitting at the conference.
Shannah Haba be there f2f!
Lady-Light said…
muse: Well, what choice did I have? Either participate virtually,or sleep in. Hmmmmm....

Sure, "shanah ha-ba'ah be there f2f." If we are already there. If finances allow. If.

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