The Pressure of Victory, the Agony of. . .

I don't believe it. I have to write something. But I must, even though I don't wanna.

Why? Because they said so. That's right. THEY, the Bloggersbase powers-that-be, said I'd better get out there and write something quick or I will (horrors) lose my big chance at my FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME or something. And in addition, I might--IF I write a blog post, that is--actually WIN (applause appropriate here) enough to buy a Starbuck's Grande Vente Mocha Latte or whatever the hell they call them these days.

But as I said before, I don't want to write. I'm exhausted. My daughter just left today. I'm missing her and I'm in a bad mood. I'm not even prepared to teach my class tonight (well, semi-prepared; did it last week...). All I want to do is vege-out, lie in bed and sleep and/or watch a movie.

Ever have one of those days? You have a GA-Zillion things to do,
-wash the dishes
-ten loads of laundry (at least)
-research & create worksheets for a contract job (well, maybe you don't have that to do)
- fold and put away clean laundry which is in various laundry baskets all over the bedroom floor
-empty out, sort and discard stuff from youngest daughter's closet & room
-move computer, computer desk and printer and two rolling file cabinets back into said-youngest daughter's room to re-set up your office which was displaced when all the kids (including youngest daughter) came for a visit
-get rid of those boxes and bags on the floor of your bedroom filled with STUFF, who knows what is it--which have been there for months and which you step around and don't even notice anymore until the AC repairman comes in and says, 'oh, did you just move in'--when you've lived here for five years

--When all you want to do is just TAKE A NAP.

But, I CAN'T DO THAT, CAN I?!! I have to WRITE something or I'll be a TOTAL FAILURE, a Bloggersphere WASHOUT, or (horrors!): "Below the Threshold." And who wants to be that?

So here it is, my BLOG POST, for gosh sakes. It's true, every word of it. This is exactly how I feel at this very moment in time.

Now go away.


Ari said…
this is your best blog yet! love you eema hang in there!!!
Lady-Light said…
Ari: WooHoo!! I just knew I shouldn't be up late, checking my blog (and also my post on Bloggersbase) for comments!
My biggest fans are (some) of my kids. The other ones don't even know I have a blog. Oy.
Hi, Arnold Mayergi (I keep forgetting your name!), thanks for the support, I needed that. Now, go vote for my post on Bloggersbase, will you? -Or I'll really be 'below the threshold!' (-but I love you anyway...)
Just like a guy said…
What is bloggersbase?

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