Is Social Media Our Future?

Saw this incredible video first on Twitter at Yigal's page. This is part of the reason my husband is out of work. The paradigm is changing. . .(you can follow me on Twitter as well!)

What do you think? Do you agree that this is the future of communications?


E. Fink said…
It's a cool video.

But it is an AD.

And as they say themselves only 14% of people trust advertisements...
Lady-Light said…
E.Fink: Yes, it is an ad, for ""-somebody had to sponsor & make this.
But separating that from the message, there is a valid point to what the videomaker says.
Whether or not it is the future, or a future bust, we won't know (until it hits us). Meanwhile, the paradigm has changed, at least for a while...
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