Has Israel Beat the Recession?

While my son is on a forced furlough from his company in Israel (his wife surprised him with a trip for two to Greece while he's off-what a gal!), which indicates that there are still layoffs and belt-tightening, over all the recession might be receding, according to an AP article published by Forbes of a Moody report on Israel's economy.

Recently I wrote in this blog about George Gilder's new book The Israel Test which indicated that Israel is becoming an economic force to be reckoned with and possibly a role model for capitalism.

So will somebody please tell this to Forbes, whose video about "Markets on the Up" doesn't even mention Israel?


Ari said…
i dont care about no recession. i was in greece!!!
The Kosher Kook said…
Aw, NO Grease Please ... I'm using Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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