A Voice of Reason

This is not new, but still bears posting today: Nonie Darwish is an Egyptian-born American writer and now an activist for the truth about Islam. Her father, the chief of Egyptian military intelligence, was the first targeted assassination by Israel in 1956:
"I always blamed Israel for my father's death, because that's what I was taught. I never looked at why Israel killed my father. They killed my father because the fedayeen were killing Israelis. They killed my father because when I was growing up, we had to recite poetry pledging jihad against Israel. We would have tears in our eyes, pledging that we wanted to die. I speak to people who think there was no terrorism against Israel before the '67 war. How can they deny it? My father died in it."
Ms. Darwish has written three books, which can be found on her website, Arabs for Israel.

Here is part II of the interview. We need more courageous people such as Nonie to speak up for truth (notice, however, that at the last minute, instead of saying she is appreciative of the "Jewish people," she changes it to "Judeo-Christian culture.").


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