An Old KOOK with a New Blog

I am hereby welcoming a new blogger to the JBlogosphere. He is The Kosher Kook, and will be writing about (what else?) Kosher Kooking!
His articles are interesting, clever and just plain fun. Did I mention mouth-watering? I am now trying to convince him to submit a post to the KCC.

Why don't you all just go there, and read up about my all-time favorite food, chatzilim.*

(Hey, and that means YOU: Baby Ktan, Mister Arnold Miyagi, Nathaniel Bloooomenstein, Toodles, and RAMBO).

What can I say? I talked him into it (guilty as charged!)

*chatzilim: eggplant


I looked, I loved, I commented. :)
Norma said…
I think I'll pass on this one. I'm trying to cook nothing interesting or tasty in order to keep the weight at a reasonable level. I don't even dare keep crackers and cheese in the house. Sigh. Recipe and cooking sites are really from the devil. Just kidding.
Lady-Light said…
Ye'he: Wasn't it mouth-watering? He really is the main chef in the house; taught his sons, as well. Am proud.
Norma: No-ooooooo! Dont' say that, I mean, it's okay to work on keeping the weight down, but do your meals have to be BORING?!
I, too, am trying to control (read: lower) my weight, but occasionally I want something nutritious and flavorful.

You should read The Kosher Kook. That eggplant meal is made with all good ingredients. We must just remember to take smaller portions, that's all!

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