KCC #44 is UP!

The Kosher Cooking Carnival (KCC) #44, Pictorial Edition, is up and running at Leora's blog. This edition is replete with pictures, pictures, pictures (and also the thousand words to go with it.)

Among others, I personally recommend (ahem) Yours Truly's post about meatballs and pusghetti, and also The Kosher Kook. I am also interested in Batya's ministrone soup (but I want it to sparkle for me, too) and might make it to break the fast next week...

Happy eating!

(Batya, hope you don't mind; I borrowed your picture...)

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Leora said…
Thanks for the link. And any influence you had in getting Kosher Kook to join the blogosphere. I'm enjoying his posts.

Shabbat Shalom.
Lady-Light said…
Leora: Ein b'ad mah...and basically, I nagged him (!)
(-why don't you tell him by commenting on his blog?)

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