Civil Strife in Jerusalem: Protesting a Parking Lot

Last month, the Haredim were out in force protesting the opening of a municipal parking lot on Shabbat. Secular Jews came out the following Shabbat for a counter-protest. Mayor Nir Barkat is caught in a bind between two segments of Jerusalem society.

Do we want to see more pictures like this one? What is the answer for all Jerusalemites to live side by side, in tolerance and respect?

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Maya / מיה said…
Lady-Light, I'm so sorry I didn't include your link-- I don't know what happened. I fixed the problem in HH now. It definitely wasn't something you said-- I love your post about the play date!
Lady-Light said…
Thank you, and todah rabah for adding it in after. Glad it wasn't something I said (!)
Baruch Eliezer said…
I have to applaud all the Chassidim who have been intolerant of the avera of breaking Shabbat. The Gemara and Rebbe Nachman both talk about when a person returns to Hashem (v'shavta) and how do they do it? The same way (the root of v'shavta is SHIN BET TAV--Shabbat) through Shabbat. May none of us become tolerant of breaking shabbat. May all of us have the spirit of Pinchas HaCohen within us so that we may also sanctify Hashem's name.
Anonymous said…
Suggestion: How about this? - the Sabbath observers protesting against parking on Sabbath each invite some of the secular Jews to their home for a Shabbos meal.
Lady-Light said…
Baruch Eliezer: Apologies for not responding in a timely manner. I don't think we have the right to act as Pinchas did at this time. We do not today have a Moshe Rabbenu with a direct line to Hashem. I am a believer in "live and let live." We need to show by example how a Jew should live, not by force and violence.
Anon: Good idea. Get 'em with honey, not poison.

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