Towards "A More Peaceful and Tolerant World"

It's all over the news: Gunman Opens Fire at Holocaust Museum. It is a terrible thing, that this excuse for a human being-a Nazi lover, racist and antisemite- murdered a young married security guard, only 39 years old.

President Obama responded with a statement of condolences for the slain guard's family, and he also said this:
"This outrageous act reminds us that we must remain vigilant against anti-Semitism and prejudice in all its forms. No American institution is more important to this effort than the Holocaust Museum, and no act of violence will diminish our determination to honor those who were lost by building a more peaceful and tolerant world."
This is where democracy works against itself. In order to build "a more peaceful and tolerant world," we have to act to eliminate those who would harm the decent people of the world and who resort to violence. In other words, in order to create a more tolerant world, we have to be, ourselves, intolerant--and not permit these people to be citizens of our great country.

They have a problem with the American people?
Deport them to a Third World country before they murder the next innocent victim. Let them see what life is like without the freedoms they so despise.


lars sh said…
Deport them to a Third World country

thats a little odd

what did you mean???
Lady-Light said…
lars sh: Maybe I should have written, 'a corrupt, barbaric third world country.' Third world, because there would be a much lower standard of living and few amenities; corrupt and lawless, because in this country the rule of law prevails, and the first amendment applies, and criminals are brought to trial, and it is innocent until proven guilty. In a barbaric country, he'd just be beheaded.
Thank you for visiting.
Norma said…
Obama was silent for over 2 days when one of his soldiers was killed by a Muslim. He seems very selective in his outrage about murder.
Lady-Light said…
Norma: I don't know of the incident to which you refer; I hope that you are wrong about that, but on the other hand, dread that you are right...

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