Off to the Holy You Believe, Florida?!

Well, we're off! Tomorrow we fly like a boid to see our grandkids in sunny south Florida...well, not actually just to 'see' them. More like to

make 3 lunches and snacks the night before
and pack them in their backpacks with a change of
clothes and underwear
and label everything with their names on it with a Sharpie
and dress them in swimsuits and slather them with sunscreen over their swimsuits and then
dress them with clothes over their swimsuits

and drive them to camp every day
and pick them UP from camp every day
and entertain them in the afternoons and evenings
after camp and makes dinners for them
and make sure they're not BORED out of their minds
so take them to museums, the aquarium and the
and sometimes take the whole kit and kaboodle out to lunch or
dinner (lots of kosher restaurants in south Fl; not
like here)
and DON'T forget to give our middle granddaughter her meds
(she broke her elbow & had surgery last week)
and be careful to WRAP her arm with the cast in plastic while
bathing her oh and did I mention
we have to bathe all 3 of them every evening?
Oh, and my oldest grandson has Down Syndrome so he gets
therapy twice a week in the afternoons and the other
kids get to participate and play in the exercize therapy
and. . .

I'm EXHAUSTED just writing this.

I did something similar to this for years with my own 5 kids, but haven't done it for a very long time; have I forgotten how? Do I have the stamina? Will I MESS UP and miss something?

But kids are great; and my grandkids (all three of 'em) are terrific. And clever. And funny. And I haven't seen them since. . . it's time!
(next post, FLORIDA!)


muse said…
enjoy, enjoy and enjoy!
Ari said…
you guys are going to have a great time!
Lady-Light said…
muse: Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Ari: I am looking forward to it; but I wish you & H. were there, too...

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