The Fool Who Beats His Head Against the Wall

I don't want to say it (besides which, Steven Plaut said it very well first), but Israel is almost like the fool who keeps beating his head against a brick wall again and again, thinking that each time he does it--he might (finally) get the wall to break; instead, his head does (G-d forbid) .

Perusing blogs I found this (hat tip Daled Amos) about fantasy land and wishful thinking on Israel's part: doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results. It is the "Two States for Two Peoples" fantasy by Plaut, last in the long line of previous fantasies, such as (in no particular order) the Oslo Accords, Camp David, the Road Map, the disengagement from Gaza, etc.
In all cases, the surrounding Arab states have not officially recognized Israel as a Jewish state nor its right to exist, nor have the rocket and terrorist attacks against Israelis ceased.

Basically it still is as they say the "same old same old." And here comes Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech about his view on the "Two State Solution" as a way towards peace. He hits the nail on the head when he says plainly and simply that
The simple truth is that the root of the conflict has been and remains - the refusal to recognize the right of the Jewish People to its own state in its historical homeland.

But then, at the very end, his brain goes into hibernation for a split second as he says
I call upon Arab leaders and Palestinian leaders: Let's go in the path of Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat, Yitzhak Rabin and King Hussein. Let's go in the path of Prophet Isaiah, who spoke thousands of years ago, they shall beat their swords into plowshares and know war no more.
Let us know war no more. Let us know peace.

When was the last time you heard overtures of peace and reconciliation from the Arabs? Instead, it is always about what Israel should do, unilateral demands on Israel-first! Netanyahu, by saying that, has now become the Fool Who Beats His Head Against a Brick Wall.

Because this video shows the real reason for the Middle East Conflict; and until that is rectified, there will be no true peace:


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