Beach Blanket Bing--er--Hevel Havalim #220...and More...

Hevel Havalim (there. I spelled it my way: the way it would be spelled in Ivrit, when not a sof pasuk) #220 is up and running at Esser Agaroth (ok, I would also spell that 'esser agorot,' but that's not how Ben-Yehudah spells it, so--deferring to the blog author here. Oy, the curses of being a Hebrew teacher. . . )
My previous post We Were All Duped is linked there; for some reason, he always links me last in my category. Should I get a complex over that, or is it a good thing? Something to ponder. . .

I was perusing articles and blogs in researching my previous post, and I found a really good comment by someone about the subject (Obama's speech and apparent attitude). I don't remember the writer's name, and in any event, there was no link I could follow--and to top that off I don't even remember where I read it. But it was so good and to the point, that I am reprinting it here, and if the author comes across it here, please email me (and thank you for writing it!)

This expresses exactly how I feel about how the entire world is focused on little Israel, who has only existed as a modern state for 61 years. But of course we all know that in reality, it's the Jewish People the world is focused on--ever since our having received the Torah on Mount Sinai--a thorn in the world's side, not for sixty-one, but for thousands of years.

It's interesting to watch the current US administration's "fixation" on Israel. The temptation is to descend into that surreal world of conspiracies. However, this "bullying" of Israel --a country founded for Jews who have sought refuge not from persecution but from extermination in "civilized" Europe and the Arab/Muslim world is disturbing.

For the US --the most powerful state in the world today-- to go after and literally try to bully this small state is despicable.

As a Muslim (by birth), I fully support my brethren Jews as "people of the book" for trying to survive against all odds. The Palestinian-Israeli dispute is a LOCAL issue. This region has, historically, been of no interest to Muslims until fairly recently. Israel should not be underestimated, however, these are people who have --admirably and stubbornly-- held onto their religious/national identity for centuries in foreign lands against unrelenting persecution and humiliation. These are the sturdy/resilient ones who WILL FIGHT.

There are some people in this world, Christians, Muslims and Jews--who are not afraid to state the truth. More power to them.


For some people, religion does not equal truth. It's a matter of faith. :(

Kol hakavod to this person who is clearer-seeing than his clerics.
Lady-Light said…
Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach: Long time no see. What you said is true, but even secular humanists can see that Israel was created

1) so that the Jews, persecuted for centuries, could have a state of their own--and get out of everyone else's country, since they seemed to hate them so much, and that

2) they davka chose the Land of Israel, surrounded by enemies--and not , say, Uganda, because they had a strong historical and religious connection to Israel for thousands of years, and archeology proves it.

The Arabs just did not want a non-Islamic entity in their midst, plain and simple.
I've been lurking. Life is just happening everywhere! Thank G-d, it's all good.

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