(I think I'm forgetting how to blog.)

The Downturn In The Economy finally came home to roost in the last week of April: my husband was laid off from his job.
In the interim between then and now, we have been making calculations and trying to configure what we will need in order to stay where we are, i.e., have a roof over our heads and food on the table (forget clothing; we wear twenty-year-old stuff anyway).

Meanwhile, hubby is applying for jobs all over, not only here where we currently live, but wherever there is anything remotely related to his expertise and experience. In this economy, and at our stage in life, we have to retool ourselves and adapt to a changing world. The internet (as much as I love it) has impacted the information-disseminating professions, specifically--newspapers--in a profound, and negative way.
The revenue models are changing, with the advent of "it's on the internet, it's FREE." Anyone can anonymously spout what is purportedly called 'news,' with little or no research, interviewing of CEOs or fact-verification. And be believed. And affect the stock market - either to rise, or plummet to the depths.

We are-or rather he is-searching for jobs all over, in the USA and abroad. I think there was something in Beijing.

Here's hoping for Jerusalem (-but I'm open to Tel-Aviv. . . )
Any ideas? Email me.

*Avtala: Unemployment


muse said…
Good luck to the both of you!
Anonymous said…
You have nothing in the US. Come to Israel! It's a sign!!!
Baruch Eliezer said…
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Norma said…
I'm so sorry for the loss. Sounds like you have friends and family for a solid network, good skills, and strong faith. Don't know why you are not in Israel, but if you aren't there for good reason, think carefully.
Lady-Light said…
muse: Thank you. We're gonna need it (seriously, networking is the best way to find work. Do you know of anything?)
Anon: I keep telling myself that. But the last time it happened, it apparently wasn't the right time...who knows?
Norma: I am really moved by your words, especially coming from someone who is not Jewish. You seem to have a deep understanding of faith and soul. (It's interesting how I can sometimes relate better to religious people of other faiths, than I can to secular ones of my own...)
Don't misunderstand me: we are proud to be Americans and love this country, and have given back to it with our service for all the good. But it is not the country of our souls the way Israel is. I am referring to the land, the history of our people there, the trials and tribulations we have gone through there as a nation and under the rule of oppressors. The fact that the Torah (Bible) relates that G-d gave this land to us.To me, Israel is Holy. That is the difference(why do I always turn a comment into a blog post?)
Baruch Eliezer said…
As much as you dislike living like a pioneer, I believe Hashem has put you in this position purposefully, to bring you to the point to bring you home. The chains that bind you to Mitzrayim have been loosed. Stop trying to put them back on and let them go and come home. There is no future in America, or any other place in the world, for Jews except Eretz Yisrael.

When I lost my job last year Hashem made sure we had a roof over our head. We love you and miss you and we have an extra bedroom if you need it. We can put the little guy in our room or with Savta again. We live on unemployment, for what it's worth, but we're doing okay. I go to Kollel everyday, but I don't receive any money for learning. Your husband can come with me. I'll have someone to learn with in English.

Don't think, just pack your backs and come. Let Mitzrayim go. If you think about it you'll be able to come up with a million reasons not to come, but there's only one reason to come, you're supposed to live in Eretz Yisrael.

We love you,
Baruch v'hamishpachah
Lady-Light said…
Baruch: There are no words...
Anonymous said…
So, it seems clear to me. When are you coming to Israel??? It's time!!!
Lady-Light said…
Anon: Oy, stop nagging ;-) We're working on it; but if we hear from Arizona or New York or Washington first, then what?

(problem is, I hate Arizona, New York and Washington. Well, not so much Washington...)

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