Ok, Now I've Seen Everything

Got this from Heshy at Frum Satire. What will a Yiddishe Kopf* (Jewish ingenuity) think of next?
You know how everyone looks at kos Eliyahu* and wonders if he really is there, you know, in a different dimension, perhaps, invisible--but there. And we all look to the cup, to see if the wine goes down.
Well, ladies and gentlemen - look no further. It is (finally) here: The Elijah Drinks Cup.

Now, I think that's worthy of a Nobel Prize, don't you? Why, it's amazing no one thought of this earlier...

*yiddishe kopf=Jewish head
*kos Eliyahu=Elijah's cup


Ari said…
eema remember when we went to open the door for eliyahu and steve was standing right there?!?!? good times, good times..........
Lady-Light said…
Ari: Yes, I remember. So does Steve. We had wonderful sedarim, didn't we?( you are waxing nostalgic...while I am waxing the furniture)
We should have them again together, ba-shana ha-ba'ah bi-yerurushalayim...

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