Mah Nishtanah...?

I am up close to 2:00 a.m. why? Mah nishtanah ha-lailah ha-zeh mikol ha-lelot? Because it is the eleventh hour, erev chag: the biggest, most awesome holiday in the universe: Pesach!

I have been checking and washing romaine lettuce for karpas (tons of it), boiling potatoes, checking the chicken soup, putting the tzimmes in the fridge...but of course I will give credit to hubby, without whom none of these delicious delicacies would be possible: he cooked 'em all (ok, I peeled, cored and cut the apples for the tzimmes. Really).

He also cooked the brisket yesterday, four huge trays of 'em; he made a cranberry-orange side dish; carrot, potatoe and apple tzimmes with pineapple, the aforementioned chicken soup in a huge stock pot (we're having lotsa guests the first night), and genuine shmurah matzah balls (doesn't baseball season start now?) that are our specialty for Pesach (yes, we eat gebrocht).

So I am not complaining about being up so late, although I have a dr.'s appointment early in the morning. But he is getting up even earlier to daven, have a sium bechorim, and say Birkat ha-Chamah--so who am I to complain?

I was just instant messaging with my Rambo, who is off from Officer's Training for Yom Tov. Her apartment is around the block from her brother and sister-in-law, and she had just come back from running over there to borrow a vacuum cleaner to clean her place. Isn't family wonderful? Especially when you are in close proximity. I really feel the emptiness, without family here...but we have good friends who are coming to our seder, so I am looking forward to that, too.

Our older son, Mister Arnold, called us this morning, from the Tel-Aviv area...I was telling him how stressful Peach preparations are. He said, he loves the chag! And he was the one who cleaned his apartment inside out and did the shopping (did I raise a great husband, or what?). I am so happy for his wife, whom I love.

Thank you, Ribono shel Olam, for all your blessings which you bestowed upon our family, with our children finding their bashertes, and loving Yahadut so much...

With wishes for a wonderful, meaningful, spiritual chag, I am going to bed now. Lailah tov!


Anonymous said…
The sedar was lovely and the food delicious. Enjoy the rest of the chag. Youe DH is a wonderful cook.
The hostess with the mostes!!!
Karen said…
oops, it should say your
Lady-Light said…
Karen: Thanks-except for my exhaustion and muscle spasm at the end (timed very well I might add, right after we said "nirtzah!"), I enjoyed it and am glad that you and yours did, too.
Hope your Florida contingent enjoys the rest of the chag as well!

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