"In Memoriam"

First, let me announce that Haveil Havalim #213 is up at The Real Shliach, here.

This has been going around the email circuit. I have received it several times, and decided it is worth posting now, in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day. The cartoonist is Wiley Miller, producer of the cartoon strip Non Sequitur.

Never forget.

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Gail said…
The baby arm next to the elderly one makes for an incredibly stirring picture.
Leora said…
Thank you for the introduction to that cartoonist. Well done.
Lady-Light said…
Gail: Yes, isn't it? That is the whole point; passing the knowledge and moral and ethical values--how to behave, and how not to behave--down to the next generation.
Leora: I wish I could say that I drew it, but no. Credit where credit is due.

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