The Awesome Story (& HH #212, le-havdil)

(-And I don't only mean that the latest edition of the famous Jewish Blog Carnival, HH #212 is up and running, here. Read. While munching shmurah matzah.)

There is no explaining away an event that was witnessed by thousands and later recorded in the Torah, which as Old Testament is accepted by at least two major world religions.
The Passover story was a major world event, no two ways about it.
I found, on the very wonderful aggregate site Jewish World Review ( a synopsis of which I receive daily in my inbox), a series of video shiurim (lessons) on the Exodus from Egypt: The Hidden Agenda, by Rabbi David Fohrman of The Hoffberger Institute.

Watch, and learn. May you continue to have a deep, meaningful Pesach. And don't forget to count the Omer (kids, I'm talking to you)!


Shtetl Fabulous said…
Thanks for the shoutout and I'm sorry I got the post request too late. I will definitely cross-list you.

Take care and enjoy your matzah!
Lady-Light said…
Shtetl: Thank you for the cross-post. I am linking you, too. (I always enjoy matzah!)

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