I Miss Blogging. Want an Apt. in Jerusalem? (Random Thoughts)

I am sitting here at my old 512 MB of RAM computer which is held together with chewing gum and scotch tape (they don't say that anymore, 'scotch tape.' Only in Israel...or is that the Israeli word for "Velcro?") at 10:11 a.m. MDT (-going in to work later today), reading the latest Haveil Havalim #209 at What War Zone with its aggregate of great blog posts, lamenting the fact that I haven't blogged since Purim.

That's what working during the day,going to sheva brachot and chatunot (that should actually have been in reverse order) and rehearsing and teaching at night does for one. Real Life obliterates Virtual Life. I have to say, I really miss my virtual life, and my virtual friends. In short, I really miss blogging. And Facebooking. And Twittering (I know, I know-they call it Tweeting. So what.)

It's a cyber-connection to the World At Large, and it's thrilling. And there is a real void when it's not functioning. Unfortunately, I can't just sit down and 'belt it out' without thinking and researching. So for the past hour I've been here, surfing Facebook, writing comments on a blog or two, reading some posts, and--VOILA! I've gotta go to work now, so I don't have the time to Collect My Thoughts (hope you like the plug, Norma...) into a coherent paragraph.

Do any of you feel the same way?

So, let me quickly get some stuff out here: 1) my son needs to rent his apartment out long term (he is moving). Anyone out there interested or know anyone interested in renting an apartment in Jerusalem, Ir Gannim area? Email me.

2) Vote well, vote often: Vote for Baby K'tan to win the New Inventions Entrepreneur contest, at Start Up Nation, here.

Thank you-will catch you later. Happy Pesach cleaning.


Norma said…
Thanks for the plug!

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