LIBI Supports Our Kids--We Should Support LIBI

I was asked by a representative of LIBI (as was Jameel, and probably other bloggers as well) last week to write about the organization on my blog. After my last post about my kids having served and one currently serving in the IDF, I think it is appropriate to write about LIBI now.
LIBI is an acronym which stands for למען בטחון ישראל , "For the Sake of Israel's Security." It was founded in 1980 (at the very time that we lived in Israel) by then-Prime Minister Menahem Begin.

It's purpose was to strengthen the defense of Israel by educating its soldiers in Zionism and their mission, and by providing them with extra equipment and supplies in addition to what they get from the army, such as thermal gloves or underwear, special food, care packages, etc. Their general purpose is according to what Ben-Gurion said:
"Our soldiers prevail not by the strength of their weapons but by their sense of mission; by their consciousness of the justness of their cause, by a deep love for their country, and by their understanding of the heavy task laid upon them: to ensure the existence of our people in their homeland and to affirm, even at the cost of their lives, the right of the Jewish people to live their lives in their own state, free, independent and in peace."
I'm sure my sons and now my daughter have received supplies from LIBI (I'm going to ask my daughter next time I speak to her, bli neder).

LIBI also means, "my heart." As their motto states, the soldiers are there for us--they are 'our hearts.' We need to be there for them.
Please support LIBI, the Fund to Help IDF Soldiers. Here is a link to their Hebrew site.


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