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Monday, February 16, 2009

Just a Note to Say...

That Haveil Havalim #204 (0r, as Ben-Yehudah would say, "the real #204") is UP at Leora's.
Yes, Jack; it's #204. Let's continue on from there. . .

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Leora said...

Soccer Dad said at one point in ancient HH history a week was skipped.

Thanks for the link. So sorry to hear about your friend's daughter (previous post). Painful.

Lady-Light said...

Leora: Please forgive the long delay in my response to your comment. I am extremely busy and don't get to the 'puter much these days, and with Pesach approaching...Oy!
As Soccer Dad said, that might have been ancient history, but I think Jack skipped a number in his own count; however in the Great Scheme of Things, I don't think it matters much. -Hey, that's why it's called Haveil Havalim, right?!

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