Hesped* for Shira. . .

I have not been blogging, as it has been a difficult week.

This past Tuesday, I suddenly received an Instant Message while at work, from my son in Jerusalem, savying that a friend's daughter, who had battled Hodgkin's Disease on and off for several years (it had just recurred, after having been in remission), had just died that day. She left a bereft young husband, and a toddler son who will now grow up without a mother.

I had known her and her family since way before they made aliyah, over twelve years ago. Our kids grew up together in the same community, attended the same schools. It is a terrible loss to me--I burst into tears and was unable to concentrate on work that day--and to our whole community.

I know nothing about Hodgekin's Lymphoma, except that I thought this was a more treatable type of cancer. I am devastated; I cannot fathom what her wonderful parents-my friends, who raised all their children to be good human beings and good Jews (Shira's brother and my younger son are friends as well)-are going through. I am afraid to think about it.

And I am angry at G-d, for not creating a miracle and arresting this horrible disease in its tracks, to save this wonderful young mother from this horrible illness (and her parents from an unspeakable anguish), this young mother who (as was written in an email I received from Tsfat) at least, had the zchut to make Aliyah, find and marry her basherte, and have a child.

Two of my children managed to get to the levaya (funeral) in Efrat. They had to tramp (hitch a ride) and wait half an hour for a bus, but they made it. My daughter told me there were 600 people there; it was officiated by our former Rabbi, Rav Twersky, who was able to fly into the country in time. My daughter also said it seemed as if our whole community was in attendance...

The week has left me emotionally exhausted and drained. If any of my readers would like to learn Torah, or give extra tzedakah*, or help someone in need, or do any extra mitzvah, you can dedicate it in Shira's memory. I made the announcement at my intermediate Hebrew class, that all future classes will be dedicated to the memory of sweet Shira Rachma Batzion bat Alter Natan Neta.

May her neshama have an aliyah.

*neshama - soul
*aliyah - ascend (determined by context, either to Israel, or to the higher levels of Heaven)
*hesped - eulogy
*tzedakah - commonly translated as "charity." Really comes from the shoresh (root) meaning "righteousness."


Yehi zichrah baruch.
Lady-Light said…
(Thanks for being up early.) AMEN.
queeniesmom said…
Baruch Dayan Emet. May her family know no more sorrow.
arnie draiman said…
tzedakah is always a good idea - may her memory be for a blessing and inspire others to do more.

arnie draiman
Batya said…
Baruch Dayan Emet
Please don't be angry with G-d. Thank G-d for allowing her a remission, marriage and a child. A Yemenite friend told me there's a differentiation between one who dies "alive" and one who dies "dead." Young Shira is "alive" in her child, Baruch Hashem.
HaMakom Y'Nachem...
Again, Baruch Dayan Emet. May her family know no more sorrow.
Lady-Light said…
MotherinIsrael,Queeniesmom,ArnieDraiman,LFD,Batya--Thank you for your loving and kind words; I hope Shira's parents are reading this, and seeing how they are surrounded by the loving, caring mishpachah of Am Yisrael...
Yes, all we can say is ברוך דין האמת (A.& N., if you are reading this, המקןם ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבילי ציון וירושלים )
SuperRaizy said…
Oh, I'm so sorry. It is terribly painful to lose a young person. I hope that you and her family and friends can find some comfort in her memory.
Lady-Light said…
SuperRaizy: Thank you for your kind words. You know, for a minute I forget-I'm involved in other things-and then suddenly I remember, and it's like a sharp stab to the heart-I'm shocked & in disbelief that she's gone; and I'm not even family, only a friend...
Eitan said…
I know I'm late in saying this, but she seems to have been a very good person. Too bad I didn't get a chance to get to know her. I will (bli neder) dedicate some learning tonight to Shira.
Lady-Light said…
Eitan: One is never too late in saying kind words about someone, or in expressing sympathy. Thank you for your forthcoming (bli neder, of course) dedication; I didn't know that you were learning!
What are your plans for the future?
Eitan said…
Lady Light: I studied from a book written by Aryeh Kaplan (Z"L) but unfortunately forgot what your friend's name was. I'm sorry. I'll try it again tonight. Same lesson with Shira Rachma Batzion bat Alter in mind (bli neder).

I've been studying a lot. My tshuva was prompted by some problems I was having. I'm planning on studying for an M.Ed in Education and then a P.hD in the same subject. Right now I'm working.

My long-term plan is to return to Israel.

p.s. Boker tov! She'Hashem yishmor al ha'banim shelach ve'al kol giborei Yisrael! She'kol am Yisrael yizke le'tshuva shlema be'yamenu!

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