The BIBI Rap

I saw this first on Rafi's blog, and it cracked me up. Nothing like rap to get out the popular vote, eh? Especially since nothing rhymes with "FEIGLIN."

Vote BIBIBI for PM (what's his middle name again?).


Hey! I have FRIENDS in that video. Acquaintences anyway. I recognized Danny Danon and also Sagiv Asoulin. The "young" Likud is really impressive. I'm proud to have voted for some of them in the primaries. Thanks for sharing this.
BTW it's really cute how Tzipi Hatubeli doesn't dance, just says "no no no" with her finger. She's a real asset to the Likud and I hope she gets in.
Lady-Light said…
Ye'he: I would have voted Likud (if I were in Israel, that is), but now I am starting to lean towards Avigdor Leiberman...

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