A Big Bronx Cheer to CNN...again.

. . . to CNN for it's brilliant, one-sided histrionic reporting-again- with their article entitled In Gaza, Living with Anger and Fear.

I've got an idea: let's subsitute the word "Sderot, Ashkelon or Gedera in the same paragraphs, use Jewish names and paraphrase it, something like THIS:

"Listen, listen to this!" shouts Fida Qishta Re'ut as the crackling of rockets is heard over her phone receiver.

"It's difficult for anybody to imagine that in a second, maybe when I am talking to you on the phone, maybe something [will] happen to me or to my family," the Palestinian blogger Israeli mother told CNN from her home in Gaza Sderot, [or Ashkelon, or Gedera, or the rest of Southern Israel].

She has gotten little sleep during the past 10 days as Israel Hamas continues its attacks on her homeland, prompting the [defense] attacks the Jewish state says are designed to stop months years of rocket strikes on southern Israel by Hamas militants terrorists in Gaza.

Qishta Re'ut writes furiously, hoping to convey the horror she sees. "The Israeli army Hamas terrorists are cannibals. They don't look for civilians, for children or women. Most attacks happen on families, on their houses," she said, her voice rising in anger.

To be fair, they did interview one Israeli who lives in the South; his comments were milder and calmer, and very humanitarian--in sharp contrast to the Gaza blogger.

But I do not agree with him on this one: "There's always two sides to every story..."

Sometimes, there aren't. Sometimes, one country is bombarded by another which does not want the first to exist. Sometimes, one side LIES, and the other TELLS THE TRUTH (see my previous post about alternate realities).

I could go on, but it's getting tiresome. Where was CNN with the detailed report with photos and videos when the kindergarten was rocketed in Sderot? Where were they with their story when Hamas terrorists were disguised as medical personnel and were storing weapons caches and hiding out in hospitals, among the patients?

Where was...? Oh, never mind. The Israelis/Jews, who are intelligent, educated, humanitarian, mature and civilized are just not as interesting as the Arabs whose leaders don't give a fig (see my previous post, Free Figs in the Marketplace) whether or not their people live in squalor and their children play in sewers.


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