President-Elect a "Trojan Horse?" (Technologically, that is...)

This is unbelievable. Or not. Some of the first to 'jump on the bandwagon' of the interest in the new President-Elect are the negative elements of society, in this case, the computer hackers and malicious software creators of the world.

In surfing the web (I'm really good with a surfboard. You should see me) I found this on the Scientific American website:
One spam message, subject line “Obama Wouldn’t Be First Black President,” directs readers to a link said to show his Tuesday speech. To watch, the user has to download a "new" flash player, adobe_flash9.exe. F-Secure Weblog warns that the “player” is really a virus out to steal confidential information on your computer and upload it to a server in Ukraine.

My Tech Support Person (guess who that is) taught me well: an .exe file which arrives in an unsolicited email is usually viral. These hackers are working so fast in exploiting intense public interest in the election that anti-virus software hasn't yet caught up with all the related variant viruses out there. There are also some emails which come with embedded videos relating to Mr. Obama which contain viruses; if you clilck on them, your computer might be toast.

So the best advice is not to open any email you receive with subjects relating to the election if you are suspicious of their origin or content.

And what does it tell you, when so many of these hackers are based in Africa or the Ukraine?

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DYS said…
And what does it tell you, when so many of these hackers are based in Africa or the Ukraine?

uh, that technological regulation is more lax in those places? What other thing could it tell us? Am I missing something?
Lady-Light said…
Anonymous said…
Man arrested for wearing a McCain T-shirt

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