Na, Ess, Ess* (or: Soup is better than Politics)

I love soup. I've always loved soup. It is a staple in the kitchen of my mind's eye.

Soup symbolizes for me, love, security, warmth and family. This is probably fairly universal, and soup is fairly old in the history of mankind:
Soup dates back to the beginning of cooking, when people noticed fat and other nutrients falling off meat being roasted over an open fire, Segan says. Archaeologists have discovered vessels dating back to prehistoric times, capable of holding water, meat and fibrous root vegetables that would soften during boiling
Whenever I'm feeling low, or needy, or missing my kids & lonely, I think of making homemade vegetable soup. Notice I didn't say 'I make homemade vegetable soup,' but I do think about it (remember, my hubby's the Chef).

Like today. It's been a rough two weeks. . . which culminated in that election--and I'm feeling particularly miserable (I also am physically under the weather a little and have the chills and some GI problems which you don't wanna know about), so I think I'm going make some soup.
I found a mouth-watering article on soup in the Jewish World Review (from which the above is excerpted) that arrives in my inbox every morning, and here it is.

We were at our local Greek grocer (he always greets me with 'Shabbat shalom when I come in on Fridays) when I saw these giant zucchinis he was sellling for only 49 cents. I thought about buying one or two, but didn't. Here I'm going to lay the blame on hubby: he never thinks about soup as I do; he prefers hot dogs with sour krout and french fries, whereas my meal of choice is. . .soup.

I wanted those zucchini, and only mentioned it to him once, only half-seriously. He didn't take me up on it, and I moved on...but now, I want them--badly! I'm going to run over (it's pretty close to where we live) and buy some, and while I'm at it I'll get some carrots, parsley, cilantro, potatoes (just a few little ones) and some onions and mushrooms, maybe. And some kale (as hubby says, "kale, kale, the gang's all here." Oy).

And I'm going to saute them up (wash the leafy stuff first in salted water & check for bugs, of course), and add broth (pareve) and water and make soup. It won't be fancy like what hubby makes (Chinese egg drop, home-made mushroom, etc. - although he doesn't do much of that lately...), but it will be hearty and good.

Happy eating!

*My grandmother (a"h) who was originally from Romania used to say to me in Yiddish when I was little, "na, ess, ess!" It meant "eat, eat!" I was a skinny thing in those days; soup sure does bring back memories. . .

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(I told my hubby that I wouldn't blog. I lied. But not intentionally. . . )


Leora said…
Yum, that does look good. Yup, soup tastes a lot better than politics.
Anonymous said…
That is clearly a Leek soup and not a zucchini soup. Everyone knows proper zucchini soup is pureed.
Lady-Light said…
leora: Doesnt' it? And you're right, Politics leaves a bad taste in your mouth-not like soup!
anon: Yes, that is a photo of leek soup. I will find a soup recipe for you with sliced or diced zucchini. If there's anyone out there who can find one, please comment here or email me!
Anonymous said…
Was that the soup that you served for lunch this shabbos? If so, it was very good.
I love to make a pot of chicken soup on the weekend, and have portions of it for dinner during the week. As Huck Finn said, the flavors "mingle", and it just tastes better and better.

Mine's different all the time. Lately, in addition to the chicken and whatever veges I have in the refrigerator, I've added a handful of rice and a jar of hot salsa for a little bit of a Mexican touch. Hm, I think I'll do that pretty soon....
Lady-Light said…
Anon: Yes, it was! Thank you (I think I'm going to have some for breakfast!)
Laura: Even though I'm not a salsa fan, that sounds good. A handful of rice is more my speed. I'm getting hungry. . .
Erik said…
Soup is a way of getting the most out of your ingredients, as life is meant to get the most out of ourselves.
Lady-Light said…
Erik: Interesting take. You are saying that soup "squeezes" out the flavor and essence of your ingredients. And life squeezes the life outa us, eh?

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