Less thanTwenty-Four Hours to D-Day (Devastation Day)

If Hillary Clinton had been nominated as the Democratic party candidate, it would have made sense: you choose the tried and true, the experienced; if that had been done, I, as a voter, would have had more of a choice.

But for some strange reason, Barack Hussein Obama was chosen. Why do I use Hussein (as some commenters have asked me in the past)? Because that is his full name, it indicates the religion to which he was born, that religion being generally intolerant towards any religion or culture other than itself--and he seems to want to hide it. Nothing, but nothing should be hidden about a potential candidate for the highest office of the land.

Actually, the reason he was chosen was not 'strange,' as I mentioned above. It is understandable, when one considers a shallow, uninformed, disinterested public raised on television. I guess the average American doesn't care to research his candidate or analyze his findings. Mr. and Mrs. Average American are more interested in "cool" - smooth talk, eloquent and fiery oratory, personal confidence and good looks, all qualities which Obama has. So did Hitler (yimach shemo). He, too, 'inspired' the Germans; they were wild about him.

I am not comparing Obama's actions to Hitler's. I don't know what they will be (they certainly have not been stellar in the past); I am saying, however, that basically, America has nominated the American Idol as the Democratic candidate for President.

What about those nefarious connections? Didn't he meet with, work with or befriend terrorist Bill Ayers? Imam Rashid Khalidi? The Reverand Jeremiah Wright Jr.?
Hey, we don't want to know about that! Who cares? He's great, he's inspiring, he is our Knight in Shining Armor--and he's BLACK: he could be the first Black President of the United States!

Personally, I too think that could be great: if the person is worthy of the Office. A woman for President would be great, too--if she is worthy of the Office. America is forgetting that--instead it's screaming insanely with the rest of the mob at its great rock concert of a campaign--blindly ignoring facts, associations and affiliations.

I wrote about Obama's disturbing affiliations with America-and-Israel-haters several times in previous posts. Recently, I again found several bloggers reiterating my concerns: check out Yid with Lid, and his full report on Obama's connections with Rashid Khalidi, here.

The Fox News Video is below:

In case you didn't catch it, here is a Doug Ross quote from the video (as seen on Yid with Lid):
Obama said , “Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine” plus there’s been “genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis.
Is that whom you want as President of the United States? A man who says that?

In fact, I think you should go to Yid with Lid's blog and read everything he has on Obama, from what he did as a 'community organizer' in the poor south side of Chicago (= nothing) to the present, when he became the Messiah (so well put. I shoulda said it). It is a real eye-opener, and scary as hell.

And have you seen Atlas Shrugs lately (hat tip to my friend Larry in Boca)? Basically, Obama did what was best for Obama, without considering any principles.
He didn't leave the virulently anti-American and anti-Israel Church he was a member of for twenty years, because he didn't want to jeapardize his connection with his new budding base, the 8,000 members of that church.

I wanted to embed these videos here, but suddenly (within just a few minutes, actually-right after I watched them myself)--they are no longer available. Now, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but...-go to Pamela's blog (Atlas Shrugs) to hear her asking Representative Jerrold Nadler pertinent questions about Obama. At least the audio is still available.

I am ending with American Thinker's poignant post, Election Plea to Those Who Love Israel. I am merely asking that you seriously look at Obama's affiliations and associations, and analyze what they might mean for the United States and Israel. We judge a person by the company he keeps.
And truly, for our country's and Israel's sake--May the Best Man Win.


Batya said…
Good luck America
Good luck world
Lady-Light said…
batya: please don't depress me any more than I am already depressed. It sounds like you're jumping off a cliff. I (& hubby & Toodles) voted early, so c'est la vie, and que sera, sera (or more correctly, in Francais: ce qui sera, sera).
DYS said…
You've convinced me, LL. For Israel's sake, I will vote for the man who will keep her safer:

Lady-Light said…
dys: Please read my comment on your post. I don't think either candidate is good ("a plague on both your houses"), but I do believe McCain is better for Israel. Believe me, I hope I'm wrong about Obama. If I am, I will admit it freely.
Only time will tell.
Eitan said…
Lady-light: can I link to your post? I've yet to post on the elections here and me thinks it's nigh time I made an endorsement.
Leora said…
What can I say? "Good luck America", what Batya said, sounds like a good response.

I have read so many of Pam Geller and Yid with Lid's posts (oh, try Seraphic Secret, Carl in Jerusalem, Soccer Dad, too) that I can't imagine how anyone can vote for someone who is affiliated with so many shady characters. Oh, please go read Gail's posts, too. Lessee, how many lies can one person tell and it falls off like teflon? Campaign financing, Jerusalem united/not united, I never knew that pastor said those things, I didn't know my aunt was in Boston, what's the problem with the birth certificate, was it $250,000 or $200,000 or $150,000 that is the tax cut off?

If this guy gets in, I hope I'm wrong. But I have a good instinct, and I smell a fishy, slick politician.

Oh, I saw that Nadler video this morning. He said, if there are phone banks in Gaza, it would be all over the news. Sorry, kiddo, but bloggers have shown there are phone banks in Gaza. Wake up, already!

Sorry to not have anything hopeful to say. Vote.
Lady-Light said…
eitan: I would be honored. Link me.
leora: I agree. Too many questions, too many murky bits of information unresolved (I never even wrote about the questionable birth certificate with its blacked out number). What if he gets the majority of the electoral college votes and we discover that (gasp!), he really was born in Kenya and is not even eligible to run for president?!
That's maybe when heads will roll.
(I like your Teflon simile, too)
SusQHB said…
"religion to which he was born"? Thats pushing it a bit. His father, a nonpracticing Muslim, was his only connection to Islam and he left him when he was two, well before he could have made any impact. He was raised by his mother (an agnostic) and grandparents (Christians). His Hussein middle name was because he was named for his dad. We can't pick our names. He could have changed it if his only ambition was to hide who he was. As you saw in my post, I'm not his biggest fan. But spreading rumors and hatred isn't helping the situation. And as for Israel, ALL US Presidents help Israel. I am completely confident that Obama, if elected, will do whatever the Jewish vote requires of him. If he hopes to be reelected in 2012 that is.
Lady-Light said…
No, I don't think it's pushing it. He attended a Muslim school in Indonesia and his religion was listed as "Muslim." To me, it means that he was a Muslim when a child. He actually officially converted to Christianity in 1988.

This is not a 'rumor,' as you say; it is a fact. Read my posts (with their documentation and links) about him by clicking on the label "Obama."

"All U.S. presidents help Israel?" Not really. All the so-called 'Peace Accords' and 'conferences' did Israel no good. Just think of Oslo, and Camp David, and Wye, and the Road Map, and Annapolis, and--the list is endless.

No president (except for maybe Nixon) has really understood what Israel needs to have a just peace from a position of strength and continue surviving, nor has any president understood the Arab mentality.

Obama is in an even worse position to 'do whatever the Jewish vote requires of him,' as you put it. He is chummy with Israel-haters and terrorism-supporters.
I don't trust him one iota.

But I do appreciate your visit.
I work in a NYC public school where my coworkers openly said they would riot in the streets is Obama lost. Would he do like Dinkins did and let them "vent"? Of course, this didn't happen yet, and I have some faith in my coworkers. Go McCain. BTW, I wouldn't vote on a candidate solely on their Israel views. Both have wanted to split Yerushalaim. I just think Obama is much worse for all of the reasons you sited.
Lady-Light said…
LFD: What can I say after the fact? I am hoping I was wrong. Only time will tell. I just heard that he chose as Chief of Staff, a Hebrew-fluent Jew who sends his kids to a Day-School and davens in an Orthodox shul. Lemme get to the news...bye!

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