KCC - Did I Forget to Tell You?

Haven't been posting frequently because of my new grandson(!) and resulting phone calls, emails, Google chats and Instant Messages with son back-and-forth from Israel regarding various things like names, their meanings and Gematria (Kabbalistic numerology value), etc. - so I think I forgot to tell you about the KCC (Kosher Cooking Carnival) #35 which has been up since October 27th.

KCC edition #35 is called the Post-Shmittah KCC, and you can find it here. Many good posts there on Kosher Cooking, Halachah (Jewish law), etc. (including yours truly's post on Kugel).
Read, and enjoy.


muse said…
Thanks for letting everyone know!
rickismom said…
Mazel Tov on the new grandson!
Lady-Light said…
muse: you bet.
rickismom: thank you. just spoke to son this evening (Israel time) and he said pictures will come forthwith, to please have savlanut.

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