Live, from New York, it's really Gevaldig* Satire

The Biden/Palin debate aired last Thursday. Last night (motzei Shabbat), SNL took the opportunity-and this campaign sure is giving them ample opportunity-to parody it. I just caught the tail end of it, but was reminded of it when I watched Meet the Press this morning.
I think it's a *scream and therefore worthy of posting (and isn't Tina Fey almost a dead ringer for Sarah Palin?) Here it is in it's entirety:


DYS said…
The guy doing Biden was pretty funny too. He did mention several times during the debate that he loved McCain.
Lady-Light said…
dys: Yes, he was; he also was made up to look a bit like him, and it worked. I didn't mention him (but I think I should have anyway), because I couldn't find the actor's name anywhere.
Do you have any idea who it is?

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