Left-over Chicken or better yet, Chicken Soup...for Pandas (Jewish ones, of course)

Instead of fressing on left-over chicken (see previous post) I think I'll have some of my husband's heavenly left-over chicken soup, complete with (I'm salivating already) matzah balls, so light, they float on air. . .
No wonder those smart Chinese Zoo Keepers at the Beijing Zoo are feeding their pandas the same thing. They know what food is the best stress-reliever (such as the stress from suddenly realizing that there is no one to vote for for President of the United States this November.)
He Zhihua said 3-year-old Xiwang and Weiwei — literally meaning "Hope" and "Greatness" — were tired and suffering from a little shock since the start Monday of the weeklong National Day holiday. . .
That's exactly how I feel after two intense days of Rosh Hashana and the vice-presidential candidate debate: tired and suffering from a little shock.
"They had been getting less sleep, and they had to run around more,"
No, DUH.

I'm going downstairs right now to have. . . something. Shabbat Shalom.

Na, ess. . .

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muse said…
I'm glad that you won't tell me to vote. I've never voted in the US Elections. What difference does it make? They're all idiots, and the "Yes, Ministers" make all the big decisions.

It's hard enough to pick candidates in Israel, since we have both crooks and idiots, and some are both. But that gives us a choice.

Send your recipe to kcc.
Baruch Eliezer said…
The local Israeli candidates in my hometown were hot on the trail of eligable voters today soliciting votes. I asked each volunteer trying to force their literature down my throat if their candidate was the Mashiach, since he would be the only person capable of saving Israel from certain doom. Every single volunteer looked at me like I was some type of mad man. Maybe that's because I looked at them as if they were mad themselves, trying to force treif candidates in positions of rightousness.
DYS said…
A big question when it comes to how people like their kneidels is:

Sinkers or floaters?
Lady-Light said…
muse: Well, I'm sorry to disagree with you on this one-- 'cause I like you--but I would tell you to vote, anyway. I think it's a responsibility for all citizens, whether here or abroad, to vote. I've sent my kids in Israel the website for registration (they would call it "nagging.")
You never know, it could make a difference; it's like buying a lotto ticket: ya can't win if you don't buy (I just reminded myself: am gonna buy one before Yom Kippur, bli neder...)
Yes, many are idiots. But see, 'crooks and idiots.' There's a choice, there!
baruch eliezer: You probably knocked their socks off, asking if their candidate was Mashiach! I can just see the scenario now:'huh? Why doesn't he go back where he came from' (-ending with a preposition
dys: Thank you! Thank you! You are the first person who actually commented on the FOOD part of the post!
Yes, yes--our Earthshattering Question of the Century: should our matzah balls FLOAT, or BOUNCE?
Most of the year, our matzah balls are "beinoni" (בינוני ); they are medium-weight, a little fluffy, but not feather-lite; for Pesach, however, we eat gebrocht, and make matzah balls out of shmurah matzah meal; they have MASS. Everybody loves 'em; they taste like Pesach...

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