You can't make this stuff up

Have you thought about how ridiculous this whole candidate-election-hoopla-thing is, when you think about how it fits in the 'Great Scheme of Things?'

Let's see, one candidate has a murky past: parents might not have even been married when he was conceived (He has stated to the effect that he is 'not clear' on that issue), his father disappears; yon son goes to a third world country and attends an Islamic religious school for a while, raised by a single (read=divorced or unwed) mother, she sends him off to live with his grandparents, name somehow changes to 'Barak' from 'Barry' somewhere along the line; somehow he becomes a state senator but nobody's heard of him for four years; suddenly he comes out of nowhere and is famous. Then they find a long-lost half-sister (in a burka). And he grew up, out of all the states available in the entire country, in HAWAII.

Other-side candidate runs three miles every other day for fun; owns a rifle (waddya think, she uses a slingshot?) 'cause she hunts moose, was called 'barracuda' when she played point-guard in basketball, was Catholic then turned Evangelical, eats mooseburgers (well, why else does she hunt moose?), has 5 kids one with Down Syndrome, one pregnant (hey that's just like me, daughter-in-law pregnant, grandson has Down Syndrome*--that's why I like her), becomes a city councilwoman, mayor, governor but nobody's heard of her for four years; suddenly comes out of nowhere and is famous. Her husband's an Eskimo and a snowmobile racer, for god's sake. And she grew up, out of all the states available in the entire country, in ALASKA.

You just can't make this stuff up. (well now, this calls for a little patriotic pride, don't ya think? Only in America...)

*By the way, my grandson's photo (with his two siblings) - yes, the one with Down Syndrome - is going to be up in lights on the big plasma screen on Broadway, New York City. His photo was chosen out of thousands of entries for the National Down Syndrome Awareness Society's video production, which shows that "people with Down Syndrome can be successfully included in community activities, education and employment."
If you are going to be in Manhattan on Sept. 28th, go to Times Square and look up! He is flanked by his two sisters, one on each side, and they are wearing blue "Buddy Walk" tee shirts.


JCanz said…
I think I need to email this video to everyone I know!

Wow, and you with a famous grandson and all.
Anonymous said…
I see your connection to one of the candidates, but is this how people should vote? I prefer looking at the candidate's values, and awareness of the issues at stake. One of them came to Israel, and tries to connect with people. Anyways, this is not so easy, I just wish that we could all get along and make this world a better place for each and everyone of us.
DYS said…
What's odd about being from Alaska or Hawaii? They are both states of the union and the residents there are citizens with full voting rights.
Lady-Light said…
jcanz: Isn't it a croc?! (whatever that means).
Yes, I'm famous, because of my famous grandson and his mother, too: have you been to her site, Baby K'tan? The link is on my blog. My middle daughter is the model. That's somebody else's baby (she's looking up and thinking, hey you're not my ma) I actually have my grandkids' photos on my blog, way earlier--search under 'personal' or 'family.'
anon: Do you know what "tongue-in-cheek" means?
Of course all I want is for people to "live and let live," and treat each other with respect; but certain peoples don't do that, do they? They decapitate Daniel Pearl and others and blow up buses and sniper-target babies and shoot 4-year olds in the head, and they fly airplanes into buildings.
Common sense says, we have to get rid of these people, because we have tried reasoning, but they don't listen to reason.
So yes, your plaint of "why don't we all just get along" is great, except that it is pie-in-the-sky. There is evil in the world, and somebody has to take the responsibility to eradicate it.
Only then, we might have a chance at having World Peace.
dys: (At the risk of being redundant) Do you know what "tongue-in-cheek" means?
No, but really--normally (what is normal, anyway?) we think of the "lower 48" when we think of the United States. Alaska and Hawaii are still viewed as somewhat exotic. I personally have only been to Hawaii once, when I met my husband there on R&R, many years ago. I've never been to Alaska, but I'd love to visit-I hear it's beautiful. But then again, I've never been to Calironia, either!

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