Why davka Palin? Why not Snowe? Or Lingle?

Been doing a little research (very little-Shabbat's in an hour!)and found some other pretty qualified people who could have been contenders for the vice presidential slot on the Republican ticket, namely: Olympia Snowe, Senator from Maine, and Linda Lingle, Governor of Hawaii.
I hadn't heard of Sarah Palin before McCain's announcement, nor had I heard of Snowe and Lingle (I'm not so beki'ah on the governors and senators of all the states; I'd have to memorize them all).
Snowe is considered a moderate Republican and apparently has a 79% approval rating from her constituents, so she must be doing something right.

Lingle was elected as Governor of Hawaii in 2002 and is now serving her second term of office. She has an approval rating of 71% of her constituents. And she's Jewish.

Wait, I know--Neither of them was Miss Maine or Miss Hawaii. That must be it. . .
Shabbat Shalom.


Baruch Eliezer said…
I don't understand the squabbling about who's going to win the next presidential election. After all, the popular vote doesn't elect the president. All of the dialogue isn't necessary. America is not the land and the home of the free and the brave. Rather, you might say, it's the land of the ridiculously gullable.
Batya said…
And I'm sure that the dems could have found someone much more qualified and experienced than Obama.
Rafi G said…
that is a very base analysis. there could be plenty of reasons (not miss alaska being one of them, or not). Maybe their policy is nothing like McCains on most issues. Maybe they do not bring the energy he was looking for. Maybe whatever.

But you are probably right
Lady-Light said…
To ALL of you: Gosh, can’t you tell when I write tongue-in-cheek? I must be doing something wrong…
Baruch eliezer: Of course the electoral college determines who wins the presidency, but Americans want to understand who their candidates really are, hence the dialogue. That’s a GOOD thing. And don’t forgot, American was founded by religious Christians on values based on the Old Testament—which is our Torah. Yes, some Americans are gullible, as are some Israelis: why, after being disproven by the Arabs’ attitude and behavior time and time again, there is still a left-wing, “Shalom Achshav” movement in Israel? And why was Olmert (who is corrupt, and whose children never even served in the IDF and are anti-Israel) elected? How else can you explain this other than Israeli gullibility?
batya: Sure: how about Obama’s running mate, Senator Joe Biden? He would have been better as the candidate for president rather than VP, with Obama in the lower position.
rafi g: (it’s that tongue-in-cheek problem again). I believe the reason McCain chose Palin is twofold: a) she is very conservative and would bring in the Republican conservative base which was hesitant b/c McCain was more liberal, and 2) she is female. Both Snowe and Lingle are considered moderate Republicans, and that is not what I believe McCain was looking for in a running mate—look at what Obama did: he chose a very experienced politician as his running mate, to complement him and fill in the gaps, as it were; same for McCain.
Batya said…
Since when does anything in politics really make sense?

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