Labor Day Tiyul & Haveil Havalim...

Took a little hiatus from blogging this Labor Day weekend after Friday's post, because we had two events to attend on Sunday, the first one a dinner in honor of a former student who was recently married (for those who were not invited to the wedding-yours truly- but I'm ok with it, as it was out of state and I couldn't have gone anyway), and the second, a dessert farewell get-together for a close friend who is making aliyah with her husband and daughter. Funny, every time a close friend makes aliyah, I feel as if a part of myself is going with them: I feel an excitement that I can't explain, something akin to, their aliyah is moving me closer to making my aliyah (or my toshav-chozer-itude. Whatever it will be.)

Well, it probably won't be too soon, because (blogging is going to be a bit less frequent for me now, I think) - my husband has informed me that if I don't find a job, in two months we'll be bankrupt. This blog is just not putting the helzel nor the cholent (not even the falafel and hummous) on the table. So I will have to be looking for work more and consequently probably blogging less. (Why am I suddenly hungry?)

But in the meantime, go look up the latest edition of the Jewish Blog Carnival, Haveil Havalim #180, at My Shrapnel. Yes, this time I remembered to submit a couple of entries, one of which was chosen--so I'm in it, too.

Oh, and the second reason for the hiatus is that on Labor Day, my husband and I took a little trip to Royal Gorge, near Canon City, Colorado. Among the things we did (not in any particular order) were, walked around through a wildlife preserve (white Bisons, 12-point elk, and bighorn sheep), took a mule-drawn wagon ride, rode the incline railway down to the bottom of the canyon & the Arkansas river, witnessed 'cowboys' riding around on longhorn steers (they're very gentle)
and an old West shootout and hanging in the 'town square' (darn, they don't do those hangins' no more. nothin' entertainin' like a public hangin'.)
We took the Aerial Tram across the Gorge, and hours later walked back across the bridge.
The canyon is beautiful, the river normally a class 5 run, and my husband was
reminiscing the entire time about 'when he used to run the river' when he was scoutmaster (the Arkansas, but not at Royal Gorge). We saw one raft, with two rafters and a guide, maneuver around the rocks jutting out all over (the water was really low...end of season).
Enjoy the pics.


Rafi G said…
cut down blogging? can't you cut out something else, like sleep, eating or showering instead?
muse said…
Well, good luck with the job-hunting. I hope I don't have to return to the work force.

Why can't people pay us for blogging lessons...
Lady-Light said…
rafi g: What am I saying--you're right. I'm gonna cut out eating (I already cut out sleeping, due to being at the 'puter til the wee hours of the morning); that way, I'll have more time to blog, and have a side-bonus of losing weight. Uh, all this talking about food is getting me hungry (-am running downstairs to get a vegie burger with fries. And humous).
muse: Do you know of any translation jobs (Hebrew to English) that I can do from my computer? I'm here 8 hours a day anyway, and I can do it by telecommuting.
Right, blogging lessons-that's it. Why didn't I think of that?
(-and look, it didn't work: I posted today, anyway.)

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