Haveil Havalim #182 is UP!

My back hurts (must be those push-ups I was doing for weeks) and we have to eat dinner now, but wanted to inform you that Haveil Havalim* #182 is up and running at Shiloh Musings. Go check it out (and read my 2 entries!)
(so, you interested in vanities?...and it's got middle-eastern-type music, to boot...)

*vanity of vanities


Batya said…
Thanks! I'm glad you liked my HH.

ps B'ezrat Hashem, on Wed. I'll learn what this twitter is all about.
Lady-Light said…
batya: (but I bet nobody can figure out 'tzeep tzeep'...who doesn't know Ivrit, that is...)
Natan said…
um... that "middle eastern" music as you called it, is actually Metallica.
That would make it heavy metal music, and very funny that they attached it to that video!
Lady-Light said…
Natan: Really? Just goes to show ya how much I don't know about rock music. Metallica, huh. Who would've thunk it.
They probably didn't attach it, somebody else did.
But Nati, doesn't it sound 'middle-eastern' to you (give your eema a break)?

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