Why We Still Have Tisha b'Av

My Toodles left this past Monday, consequently I don't need to force myself to be sad before Tisha b'Av.

But to some it might seem superfluous, still mourning for Jerusalem while it is the official capital of Israel, under Jewish jurisdiction. We forget, or don't want to think about the Jerusalem terror attacks over the years, most recently the two bulldozer/tractor attacks, and the Mercaz Harav terror attack on the same day as my son's wedding, this past March. After all, Jerusalem is in our hands, right?
Only three killed? Only 8 murdered? Only 13 wounded? In the great scheme of things the numbers don't sound like much. Or we breathe a sigh of relief: 'only 13 wounded, thank G-d!'

Truth is, Jerusalem is still not in our hands. The fact that there is an enemy living within it's city limits hell-bent on hurting us indicates that there still is a need to mourn on Tisha b'Av; the city is not whole yet, the Beit Hamikdash not rebuilt, the world has not yet recognized the right of the Jews to have Yerushalayim as Israel's eternal capital.

Here is an update on the wounded (from information on the OneFamilyFund site which was sent to me by my friend C. in Tsfat in an email) whose lives will never be the same-from the last three terror attacks in Jerusalem (the two bulldozer attacks, and Mercaz Harav). You may help by donating to OneFamilyFund to help terror vicitms. Please pray for their swift recovery; and remember: the Geulah (redemption) has not yet arrived. . .

Here are names of the wounded in need of prayers from the 2 bulldozer attacks and from the shooting attack on yeshiva students at Mercaz HaRav, Jerusalem:

Rivka bat Simi: Rivka, 60, was in the bus that was struck by the bulldozer. She
suffered injuries to her spine, and her left food and shoulder were broken. Her
daughter is caring for her injuries at home.

Aliza bat Simi: Aliza, 58, suffered a serious concussion, broken ribs, and
injuries to her hand, feet, etc. She is in daily physiotherapy on an out-patient

Mira bat Mazal: Mira suffered a broken foot and hand, broken ribs, and is
suffering severe post-trauma. A OneFamily volunteer helps her several hours each

Natalie Balutzky: Natalie, 58 suffered a broken arm, bruises and back injuries.
She is recovering at home.

Victims of the 2nd Bulldozer Attack (July 22, 2008)

Yehoshua ben Esther: Yehoshua's car was crushed by the bulldozer and doctors
had to amputate one of his legs. They are still fighting to save the other.

Aharona bat Miriam: Aharona is currently in the hospital for observation. Her
car was rammed by the bulldozer. She is the mother of four children.

The following updates were made on July 21, 2008 for victims of the terrorist
attack on yeshiva students in Mercas HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem:

Naftali ben Gila Rachel: Naftali has been improving steadily, though he is
still hospitalized in the rehab center at Hadassah Hospital on Mt. Scopus in
Jerusalem. He is undergoing daily physiotherapy. He is able to go home every
evening to spend time with his family at an apartment they rented nearby in
Jerusalem. When he's not in therapy, his family says, he most enjoys learning
with his friend Nadav, who was also injured in the attack.

Eliyahu ben Yehudit: After several surgeries, Eliyahu is steadily recovering
from his injuries at home.

Yishai ben Tzipora: Yishai is at home with his family recovering. He has
returned to the yeshiva for a few hours at a time, and his recovery is slow, but

Shimon Yichiel ben Tirza: Shimon has returned to the yeshiva to continue his
studies. He attends out-patient physical and cardiovascular therapy a few hours
a week, and is in very high spirits.

Nadav ben Hadassah: Nadav has been hospitalized at the Hadassah rehab unit
since Pesach. Like Naftali, he is able to visit his family at home every
evening for dinner, and to help his younger siblings with their homework, as he
did before the attack - something he greatly enjoys. He enjoys studying with
Naftali when they have time away from therapy.

Shimon Ya’ahav ben Ruti: Shimon was shot in legs but he has recovered and
returned to the Yeshiva.

Yehuda Hillel ben Miriam: Yehuda broke several vertebrae in his back during the
fall. He is back studying several days a week at the yeshiva, but is undergoing
regular physical therapy on his back.

Elchanan ben Zehava: Elchanan suffered bad burns on his right hand when he
grabbed the barrel of the gun after it jammed. Elchanan's cousin was killed in
the attack, and Elchanan was very close to him. He returned to the yeshiva
after Pesach, and one of the teachers is helping him with psychological
assistance, which he finds very helpful – in addition to an outside therapist.

Just as Toodles will be (b'ezrat Hashem) back for the last days of Sukkot, so I can look forward to the future and hope--so let us hope and pray that the Geulah will come quickly, and without any further pain. Amen.

Have a meaningful Tisha b'Av.


Thanks for the updates, and for reminding us that each wounded person is still struggling daily to recover body and spirit and return to being as much of a whole person as possible. May we observe next Tisha b'Av as a day of celebration.

Elie said…
This is just what I think about when I recite "Nachem" every year at mincha on Tisha b'Av.

I have read that after the Six Day War there were attempts by some Religious Zionist scholars to re-write Nachem, it being viewed that the traditional wording describing Yerushalayim as "desolate", "destroyed", "overrun by enemy troops" was no longer factual. How naive and premature this now appears in hindsight, when more than four decades after we declared "Har Habayit Beyadeynu", Jews who even try to visit it, let along pray there, are treated like criminals - by our enemies and by our own government. In the spiritual sense, and still to a large degree the political one, the situation described in Nachem is as true today as when those words were written.

The same applies to Eicha - doubly. This is now the 4th straight Tisha b'Av where I found the Disengagement so clearly coming to mind when reading the 5th chapter, verse 2: "Our inheritance is turned over to outsiders, our houses to strangers". Indeed.
Lady-Light said…
nadneda: Thank you. We should not allow these atrocities to happen again.
elie: You are so right. Har Habayit is not yet in our hands, and according to the world, our rights to Har Habayit is in dispute.
Until that changes, Nachem and Eicha are still relevant.
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