JBlogger Convention - Virtually Terrific

I am still plastered high on the ceiling (please peel me off) from the first JBlogger’s convention yesterday in Yerushalayim. Yes, I had to get up at the unearthly hour of 7:00 a.m. my time in order to be dressed and ready at my ‘puter by 5:30 p.m. Israel time in my blonde sheitel and sunglasses disguise (hey, if Jameel can wear a yellow smiley face)—but it was worth it!

Except for a (somewhat annoying) photo op by a politician (Bibi made a cameo appearance, and talked. And talked. And- until they had to stop him-), I thought this convention, after a few introductions and identity-and-purpose explanations, actually started to touch on something. One of the ideas with potential, was that Jewish bloggers may have more of an impact than they think, and another was a presentation, initially a bit boring but which gained momentum, indicating the need for better hasbara about Israel.

I was present (virtually) in the chat room, and after fidgeting with my browser (Firefox couldn’t play it; had to revert back to IE) I finally began to see the webcast, live, from Nefesh b’Nefesh Headquarters in Givat Sha’ul, Jerusalem. I enjoyed ‘meeting’ many bloggers whom I ‘know’ from their various blogs, and was introduced (and introduced myself) to many others, whose websites I scribbled down on a pad I had at my side for that purpose (fear not-I will visit your sites soon!)

Some interesting questions were asked, such as (paraphrasing & embellishing a bit) ‘how are people able to blog and continue to conduct their lives’ or ‘it takes me an hour and a half to edit and re-write my blog, is that normal?’ Hey, c’mon—only an hour and a half?

It takes me hours to do a post: research, editing and re-writing; I am in awe and shock that anyone can manage multiple blogs, when I can barely manage my own, teeny-tiny single one.

The personal highlight of the convention was when, to my utter surprise, Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach waved to the cameras and shouted out ‘hello Lady-Light, I know you’re watching!’ I almost fell off my chair. It really almost made me feel as if I was in Yerushalayim…and not virtually!

You should be able to see the webcast on the Nefesh b’Nefesh site, if you were registered for the convention. I don’t know if it’s open to the public.

Now, as they say, the party’s over (...ha-chagigah nigmeret, khibui orot…) time to go back to my daily grind-er-shiur. Virtually, of course.


YMedad said…
I've already suggested improvements for the next conf. Hope you can make it, physically, cyberly or spiritually. And check out here and here
muse said…
My big post on me-ander is still cooking. Keep checking to find it.

I just can't imagine how you managed to watch it on a screen. I took out my crocheting during the FM marathon/ordeal.

Bibi was better in person; I'll blog about him on Shiloh Musings, bli neder.

G-d willing hope to finish all that stuff within an hour or so.

Other things doing here besides blogs.

It usually takes me from 5 minutes to an hour plus to blog, depending on what type of post.
Laura said…
Hey lady-light - it was great, wasn't it? i think it way exceeded people's expectations - it exceeded mine! was lots of fun and i learned a lot.
great 'meeting' you!
laura ben-david
Movin' On Up!
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If I could make you happy, it made even sitting through Bibi worth it! And by the way I agree with Muse. He's annoying but he's an AMAZING speaker and it was fun to see people poking fun at him. His opening was outstanding, as my friend Debi wrote. And her summary of the event is great too.

Next year may we ALL be here.
DYS said…
Hi LL. Nice to "meet" you at the conference chatroom too & thanks for visiting my blog. I added your blog to my blogroll.
Wonderful to "meet" you in the chat room!
Lady-Light said…
זה אשמתכם! Ok you guys, I was all ready to start cleaning my house for Shabbat, when I decided to check my post of last night first-BIG MISTAKE. There were-count 'em-SIX comments from all of you (which for me is akin to 59 comments for XGH, if you know what I mean). Blog etiquette requires me to answer all of you, so you are the reason my kitchen floor still looks like where the dog searched for buried bones (and the fact that you can write your name in the dust on my furniture).
ymedad: I am still dizzy from going through all your blogs--left comments all over the place. I am very interested in your ideas for improvement for future JBlogger conventions. Please elaborate.
I would love to be there physically; do you think Nefesh b'Nefesh would pay me to fly there with new olim? Eh, tend to doubt it(I don't wear a yellow smiley face)
muse: I am looking forward to your critique of the conference. The FM ordeal began as an ordeal, but then she started getting interesting (you are talking about what's-her-name, right?). I was amused and appalled simultaneously by the naivete and general lack of knowledge of the panelists in the hasbara study on Jewish life and culture in Israel (or Arab, for that matter).
laura: Thank you for your visit! I loved it! This conference could be the start of something BIG, like maybe, Tikkun Olam (I'm a dreamer); sorry about the shameless plug.
Great 'meeting' you, too!
Ye'hi: Words cannot express...! I left comments on your blog as well, g'veret! Next time I am in Israel, by golly I'm gonna look you up (always wanted to really see Ma'ale Adumim anyway)("made sitting through Bibi worth it," hahaha!)He IS a very good speaker and has lots of charisma, for sure; but we've had him as PM before, and know what he does and who he is. I don't anticipate much in the way of change, do you?
And I plan to read Debi's summary of the event, soon as I wash my floors...
dys: Hi yourself! It is really amazing how many JBloggers there are out there; I really DID scribble down all the URLs, and am planning on visiting every one. It might take me a while, but...
Thank you for adding me! I'm going to have to revise my entire blogroll now--so many blogs, so little time. . . !
Lady-Light said…
Omigosh, while I was writing my response I got another comment (quick, bring the smelling salts!)- I apologize for leaving you out, another meshugannah mommy!
I will get to your blog as soon as I can; thank you so much for visiting!
YMedad said…
יפה שאני גם יכול לבגלג בעברית, אה?
Lady-Light said…
לבגלג? לבגלג?? (חחחח)
-הפועל הזה לא מופיע בלוח הפעלים שלי ...נכון, עברית היא אחלה של שפה?!
laura said…
hey there-
being that i'm all new at this and all, i have no idea (and tend to doubt) that you will just happen to see my comment to your comment on my blog, so send me your email and i'll send you the html, and a link to Jameel's pic.
laura said…
der, i see it in the hidden part of your comment...ok, i'm learning.
Ehav Ever said…
It was a really good conference, and Muse is right Bibi was better in person. I really feel like this conference is onto something, and it was interesting all of the variances in blogs that exist in both the world wide Jewish sphere and also the Israeli sphere.
Norma said…
Sounds like a great party. . . I mean conference.

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