Hashem's Bounty ("G-d's Pharmacy") - be Grateful

(There I go, posting erev Shabbat again; the challot are challot-ing, my husband's in the kitchen cooking, and I better get down there fast!)

I wanted somehow to connect this to my last post on Tu b'Av without detracting from the message there. In the end I decided it deserves a post of it's own.

In the back of our minds most of us acknowledge that there is a Creator or Power who engineered the world.
There are many paths one can choose to take on the journey of life; there are many hashkafot* you can have as to how and why we exist. Looking at it "rationally," some might say that religion is a construct of the human mind, and not really "real," as in 'physically' real.

Judaism teaches that there is much more than our physical world; that what we see around us, in essence, is the UN-real world, and that the World to Come is the real world, from whence we all came and to where we return, and must give an accounting.

But Judaism also teaches that G-d has created for us here, in our physical realm, a beautiful world with incredible creations - which we often don't appreciate in our daily, mundane lives, and for which we should have a great deal of gratitude.

Since Tu b'Av is a celebration of Life, I think it's appropriate to present this video (see it on Rabbi Lazer Brody's site) - hat tip to my friend B.A.D. (no worries--she's really good) in Tsfat, who sent it to me - about the gifts of G-d in this world.
Let us celebrate the bounty of Hashem, and be grateful. . .Shabbat Shalom!

*Hashem = G-d
*hashkafot= outlooks, opinions, perceptions, philosophies


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